How Can I Help?


When the City of Fort Worth's residents get involved, it makes all the difference.
Residents can benefit communities by providing housing, financial support or even speaking at organizations to become more aware of homelessness.

Staying Housed Kits(PDF, 132KB) are so greatly appreciated for households moving out of homelessness and into an apartment.   

There are many ways to help the City of Fort Worth's homeless.
Select a title below to read more:

Provide Housing

  • I am a landlord or property owner and am willing to consider renting to someone exiting homelessness.
  • Contact Kimberly Doty, Tarrant County Homeless Coalition, 817-996-7666

Provide Financial Support

  • I want to donate money so people can quickly get housed or diverted from homelessness.
  • Contact Lauren King, Tarrant County Homeless Coalition, 817-832-2527.

Help Create a Home

  • I want to donate Start-Up Kits for households moving out of homelessness into an apartment.
  • Kayla Mosley, Tarrant County Homeless Coalition, 817-680-2283.

Build Housing

  • I want to help Habitat for Humanity build strong families and neighborhoods.
  • Contact Lauren Calzada, Trinity Habitat for Humanity, 817-926-9219 ext.124.


Develop Housing

  • I am interested in being involved in the development of permanent supportive housing.
  • Contact Tara Perez, City of Fort Worth, 817-392-2235.


Help Someone Stay Housed

  • I want to donate items to the Staying Housed Kits.
  • Contact Teresa Munoz, My Health, My Resources, 817-569-4662.

Create a Strong Community

  • I want to be part of a pilot program connecting organizations and newly housed individuals to help develop relationships and integrate into a new community.
  • Marti Lawrence, Tarrant County Homeless Coalition, 817-925-7608.

Speak at Organization

  • I want someone to speak to my organization about homelessness.
  • Contact Tara Perez, City of Fort Worth, 817-392-2235.