Citation Dismissal


By attending a training session, certain offenders can have their citations dismissed for certain offenses:

  • Sec. 6-13: Failure to keep an animal under restraint.
  • Sec. 6-22: Failure to have a dog or cat licensed.
  • Sec. 6-41: Failure to have a dog or cat vaccinated against rabies.
  • Sec. 11A-18: Allowing the accumulation of animal feces or urine.

Cases with notarized complaints from residents cannot be dismissed through the program. Offenders can take the course no more than once every two years.

To be eligible for the course, offenders must present proof of compliance with the applicable law.

How to sign up

  • After receiving a citation, the defendant has 11 days to contact Municipal Court as directed on the citation. A defendant who wants to take the course must plead "not guilty" and request a trial.
  • While the case is pending, the offender must come into compliance with the violated ordinance. The defendant must then supply the paperwork or allow site inspection to verify compliance.
  • Register and pay for the class at the Animal Care & Control Center. Class participants must preregister in person for the class at the Animal Care & Control Center a maximum of 30 days before class or a minimum of one day before the date of class.

Classes are offered in English and Spanish. For information, call 817-392-1234.

After defendants attend the class, an Animal Control Officer verifies compliance and issues a certificate of completion. Action to dismiss the citation will then be initiated after the defendant returns the certificate to the court.