Community Cat Resources

several stray cats in the street

Community cats, fed by multiple residents or surviving without human intervention, are commonly labeled as "strays," "neighborhood cats, or "ferals." Regardless of the term used, they belong to the outdoor community rather than any specific household.

With no owner to claim them, these cats face low chances of reclamation; historically, feral or extremely fearful community cats are euthanized in many shelters. Given their outdoor nature, they are prone to illness and stress in shelter settings.

The City of Fort Worth advocates for Trap-Neuter-Release/Return (TNR) as the preferred approach to managing these cats.


Outdoor community cats are easily identified as having undergone spaying/neutering through a distinct notch in their right ear. This indicates their participation in a TNR program, which involves vaccinating and sterilizing healthy cats and returning them to their original location.

TNR improves cat health, curbs problematic behaviors and reduces the population of unwanted cats.

Fort Worth Animal Care & Control offers TNR services based on capacity and grant funding, currently available by appointment for residents. 


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