Environmental Protection Fee

In 1993 the Texas Health and Safety Code enacted a law that allowed the City of Fort Worth to impose a local environmental protection fee for people within its jurisdiction. Revenues generated by the fee may cover costs for disposal services, environmental programs or environmental services. These dedicated funds help the city pay for federal and state environmental mandates such as cleaning up abandoned property, asbestos abatement, underground storage tank compliance, storm water management, spill response clean-up, and operation of a household hazardous waste collection facility.

Since 1996, the monthly environmental protection fees are:

  • Apartment Complexes: $0.50 (per unit)
  • Residential: $0.50
  • Multi-residential: $1
  • Commercial: $10
  • Multi-commercial: $20
  • Industrial: $35
  • Municipal $0.75
  • Non-profit: $0.75