Cowtown Great American Cleanup

Saturday, March 20, 2021, 8-11 a.m. Registration is closed.


Join Keep Fort Worth Beautiful and thousands of volunteers across the city for the 36th Annual Cowtown Great American Cleanup, our largest annual litter cleanup and beautification event. Every year, schools, churches, businesses and individuals pick up litter from parks, streets, creeks and other public areas. In 2019, these hard-working volunteers removed over 140,000 pounds of trash from our city.

Are you new to Cowtown Cleanup? It's easy to participate. We provide the supplies. And, it's free!

Safety Precautions: We're requesting all participants adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines - keep your volunteer groups small, wear masks and social distance! 

Registration is currently closed. If you are interested in joining the event, please email

Registration information

Registration is currently closed. 

  • Choose your own area or select from a list of pre-determined hub sites. All cleanup sites must be within the City of Fort Worth.
  • You can register as an individual or a group.
  • All registrants will receive gloves and trash bags.
  • Free event T-shirts are limited to the first 5,000 registrants.
  • All participants should adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines.

If you would like a Code Officer to attend your cleanup, please contact us. (Limited availability - first come, first served!)

Quick, easy steps for a successful cleanup!

Join the fun in cleaning up Fort Worth; it's easy and free to participate!

Before the event:

Step 1. Mark your calendar for March 20 – you can participate by yourself or organize a group.

Step 2. Choose to pick up litter at one of our pre-selected hub sites or choose any public site you want to clean up.

Step 3. Register as an individual, a family or a group.

Step 4. Pick up your free t-shirts and cleanup supplies on Thursday, March 18 or Friday, March 19. Supply distribution and location details will be provided to you as we get closer to the event.

On the day of the event:

Step 5. Pick up litter on March 20.

Can’t pick up on March 20, but want to participate? Email us at

After the event:

Step 6. Take the bags to one of the four Drop-Off Stations or schedule a pickup.

Step 7. Report your amazing results with an easy, online form. One form per group.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cowtown Great American Cleanup?

The Cowtown Great American Cleanup is the single largest community cleanup and beautification event in Fort Worth. The annual event is currently in its 36th year and is hosted by Keep Fort Worth Beautiful (KFWB). Each year, schools, churches, businesses and individuals pick up litter from parks, streets, creeks and other public areas.

 What are the goals for this event?

  • Keep Fort Worth Beautiful works to ensure our city is a clean, green, and beautiful place to live. No one individual can do this alone. It takes all of us. This is why we invite people like you to participate in our activities and support our programs.
  • The heart of KFWB is our volunteers. The Cowtown Great American Cleanup attracts an average of 5,000 individuals, collecting an average of 140,000 pounds of trash each year.

Who can participate?

Everyone! Community organizations, businesses, individuals, non-profit, governmental agencies, and scout troops all are welcome to participate in this event.

What ages can participate?

Youth, teens and adults are welcome to participate.

What is the cost to participate?

There is no cost to participate. KFWB provides gloves and trash bags to all registered participants. Event t-shirts are also provided to the first 5,000 registrants. 

Can volunteers choose a location to clean up?

Yes. Volunteers are encouraged to choose a location that is important to them. Locations can include school campuses, creeks and other waterways, or even empty lots. KFWB also chooses various hubs throughout the city. In past years, those have included Lake Como, Echo Lake, and Eugene McCray Park at Lake Arlington. Volunteers are welcome to register for a hub location.

What do I do with the trash bags and/or recycling that was collected?

If possible, take your trash and recyclables to the nearest Drop-Off Station. Free vouchers will be provided upon request.

If you cannot transport your collected trash and recyclables, schedule a pick-up with our collection crews. First, place all bagged trash and recycling together in as few piles as possible. Then, contact the Customer Call Center at 817-392-1234 or email 

You can also use the MyFW App and submit a pickup request direct from your mobile phone. Please provide specific location details of your trash pile (street names, block numbers, landmarks, etc). Photos can be uploaded and are helpful to our collection crews so that no bags or items are missed.  

Download cleanup FAQ sheet.(PDF, 716KB)

Important Contact Information

 Keep Fort Worth Beautiful - for general event or volunteer inquiries

  • Phone: 817-392-1234
  • Email:

 Customer Call Center - to schedule a trash pick-up

  • Phone: 817-392-1234
  • Email:

 MyFW App

Download the MyFW App from:

MyFW App instruction sheet

Post Event Wrap-Up

After the event, be sure to:

  1. Take the bags and/or recycling to one of the four Drop-Off Stations.
  2. Report your amazing results! 

If you are unable to haul your bags, contact the Customer Call Center at 817-392-1234 to schedule a pickup or submit a request from your phone using the MyFW App. Be sure to have the following information ready:

  • Exact location of your bags (address or cross street, ex: "3600 Sansom Park Dr.", "Buck Sansom Park", "Corner of 35th and Macie")
  • Description of the location (ex: "5 bags located between two trees on north side of the main parking lot")
  • Photos are helpful when submitting through MyFW App.  

Due to the limited availability of crews, reported bags will not be picked up until March 22 or 23. Please take your bags to the Drop-Off Stations, if at all possible. 

You can also take your bags to dispose of them with your normal garbage collection but must follow standard residential garbage/recycling guidelines.

If you do not receive an email to report your results after the event, report them on the Post Event Wrap-Up Form. One form per group. 

2021 Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors!

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Hub Locations

Volunteers are welcome to register for one of the nine hub locations. Get details about each hub below.

Hub Overview

Hub Overview


Hub Locations:

  1. Buck Sansom Park
  2. Marine Creek Linear Park
  3. Como Lake Park
  4. Eugene McCray Park 
    at Lake Arlington

  5. Cobb Park

  6. Westcreek Park

  1. Trinity River -
    Rosedale Bridge/Hulen Dam
  2. Trinity River - 
    Panther Island/Mayfest Dam

  3. Trinity River - 
    I35 Bridge/Belknap Bridge

  4. Lake Worth Hotspots

Drop-Off Stations:

  • Brennan DOS -
    2400 Brennan Ave.
  • Southeast DOS -
    5150 MLK Frwy.
  • Old Hemphill DOS -
    6260 Old Hemphill Rd.

Hub 1

Hub 1:
Buck Sansom Park

3600 Sansom Park Dr.

Nearest DOS Station:
Brennan DOS
2400 Brennan Ave., 76102 

Hub 2

Hub 2:
Marine Creek Linear Park

3315 Chestnut Ave.

Nearest DOS Station:
Brennan DOS
2400 Brennan Ave., 76102 

Hub 3

Hub 3:
Como Lake Park

3401 Lake Como Dr.

Nearest DOS Station:
Brennan DOS
2400 Brennan Ave., 76102 

Old Hemphill DOS
6260 Old Hemphill Rd., 76134


Hub 4

Hub 4:
Eugene McCray Park
at Lake Arlington

3440 Quail Rd.

Nearest DOS Station:
Southeast DOS
5150 MLK Dr., 76119 

Hub 5

Hub 5:
Cobb Park

2700 Cobb Park Dr.

Nearest DOS Station:
Southeast DOS
5150 MLK Dr., 76119 

Hub 6

Hub 6:
Westcreek Park

6008 Jennie Dr.

Nearest DOS Station:
Old Hemphill DOS
6260 Old Hemphill Rd., 76134

Hub 7

Hub 7:
Trinity River -
Rosedale Bridge to
Hulen Low Water Dam

1640 Old University Dr.

Nearest DOS Station:

Brennan DOS
2400 Brennan Ave., 76102

Hosted by:
Trinity Coalition 


Optional Rental Information:

Rentals will be available at Adventures Unlimited Paddling website
$10 fee per watercraft.

Trinity Coalition and Adventures Unlimited Paddling Company sponsor
Contact: Teresa Patterson

All rental reservations must be made via website, email or phone by March 19. 

Launch Point A:
Launch Point A is right off the trail just south of the pedestrian bridge. Parking is available under the bridge and in the parking lot of Fairfield Inn Suites (1505 S. University Dr.)

Launch Point B:
Launch Point B is located in the middle of the route off Rogers Road. This is an option for those who have their own non-motorized watercraft as well as focusing on the west portion of the route. Parking is available to the south of Rogers Road Bridge at Forest Park (1800 S. University Dr.)


Hub 8

Hub 8:
Trinity River -
Panther Island to
Mayfest Low Water Dam

480 N. Taylor St.

Nearest DOS Station:

Brennan DOS
2400 Brennan Ave., 76102


Parking is available at Panther Island.

Optional Rental Information:

The launch point is Panther Island.
Interested in renting a watercraft for this hub? Contact

Keep Fort Worth Beautiful
Contact: KFWB

Kayak numbers are limited - availability not guaranteed.


Hub 9

Hub 9:
Trinity River -
I-35 Bridge to
Belknap Bridge

501 Oakhurst Scenic Dr.

Nearest DOS Station:

Brennan DOS
2400 Brennan Ave., 76102


Parking is available at three sites in Riverside Park (indicated on the map).

Please be advised that there are no rentals available for this hub.


Hub 10

Hub 10:
Lake Worth Hotspots

Lake Worth, 76135

Nearest DOS Station:

Brennan DOS
2400 Brennan Ave., 76102

Hosted by:
Lake Worth Sailing Club

Lake Worth Sailing Club sponsor
Contact: Gordon Kayser


Parking is available at: 
Camp Joy Park: 9621 Watercress Dr.
Lake Worth Sailing Club: 8900 Sunrise Point Court
Casino Beach Park: 7500 Surfside Dr.
Mosque Point Park: 8375 Cahoba Dr.