Code Compliance Online Reporting



Welcome to the resident portal to online Code Compliance reporting. You can report a code violation from this web site. Critical problems and emergencies that may cause injury to life or damage to property should be communicated directly by calling 9-1-1 for emergencies.

The city services accessible from this Web site are some of the most common requests, from removing a junked motor vehicle, to reporting high grass. If you do not find an appropriate service request category on our Web site, or are uncertain whether the problem may be hazardous, please call 817-392-1234. If you have any difficulty entering a service request, please call 817-392-1234, and a Customer Service Representative will be happy to assist you.

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Includes Water or Sewer Leaks, Stagnant Pool / Unwholesome Water, or No Water Service.

Grass or weeds on any property with an average height of 12 inches or more

Includes violations related to Trash & Debris on Private Property, Accumulation of Waste and Debris that Provides Harborage, Discarded items on Private Property, Vacant & Open Buildings and other similar issues.

Includes violations related to Junk Vehicles and Oversized Commercial Vehicles located on private property.

Includes violations related to Vacant and Open Structures, Unlawful Occupancies, or Owning or Controlling a Substandard Structure on both Residential or Commercial properties. This also includes accessory structures such as a shed or carport, and Swimming Pool Barriers.

Includes ANY violation at a Multiplex (8 or more units), or Apartment Complex.

Includes violations related to Home Occupations, Illegal Land Use, Wrecking Yard, Right of Way Encroachment, Illegal Fence, Garage Sale, Itinerant Vendor, Certificate of Occupancy, Outside Storage and other similar activities.

Includes violations related to solid waste removal, including carts, bulk waste, bags and illegal dumping on the right-of-way. Illegal dumping in this category is for City Crew pick-up only.