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Preserve the Fort

Second round of Preserve the Fort funding to launch in early September

A second round of funding for Preserve the Fort small business grants is in the works, with the goal of opening applications in early September.

The first round of Preserve the Fort grants provided $6.2 million to 842 businesses in Fort Worth, with $2.7 million going towards the city's minority-owned businesses and another $1.4 million to the city's target areas. Of the companies who applied, 95% were businesses with five employees or fewer.

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Last updated: Aug. 27, 2020

Earlier this summer, the City of Fort Worth partnered with United Way of Tarrant County and other local partners to provide the city's small business community with financial assistance through the Preserve the Fort small business grant program.

Intended to help preserve the small businesses of Fort Worth from the financial fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, the first round of grants provided more than $6.2 million in funding to over 800 local businesses. A total of 95% of the businesses who applied for a grant had fewer than 25 employees, with 70% employing fewer than five people. Additionally, more than $4.1 million was distributed to Fort Worth's minority-owned businesses and to businesses in the city's targeted neighborhoods.

Now, the City of Fort Worth and its partners are preparing to launch a second round of Preserve the Fort grants. However, this round of funding will be expanded to include both for-profit and nonprofit businesses (including performance art venues) and slightly larger businesses with less than 500 employees.

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Sign up for document and application assistance

We understand that this application process might be challenging to many business owners and nonprofits who have never had to apply for financial assistance before, or who may not be familiar with some of these documents.

Volunteers from several organizations are standing by to assist business owners in getting these documents together. Specific times will be available for Spanish-speaking and Vietnamese-speaking business owners.

Click the button below to schedule a time for one of these volunteers to contact you by phone to discuss your documents. These phone meetings will last for 30 minutes. Please prepare as much information/documentation ahead of your call as possible, so that your volunteer can best assist you.

Document assistance registration coming soon!

If a second meeting is necessary, your volunteer can schedule it for you, so that you can continue to work with the same individual going forward.


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