West Nile Map

This map lists the current West Nile Virus spray activities. To find out if you are within a spray zone, enter your address in the search bar.

All current spray areas will be visible on the map and listed Current Spray Areas. Click on the highlighted streets to view more details of the spray area. If there are no current spray areas the map will not have areas highlighted and the list will say "No Current Spray Areas".  

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How to use the map

To find your location

There are two ways to search for your address.  Use the search bar and enter your address (requires street number and street name)


or, select the pinpoint icon for your current location from your mobile device.

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How to use the map

 Use the plus and minus sign to zoom in and zoom out

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Select the home icon to reset the map to the center of the city

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To search for another address, delete the address in the search bar and enter another address.


Previous Spray Areas

 Spray Area Spray Date Spray Map
Panay Way, 76108 July 30 thru Aug 2 2021  View map(PDF, 6MB)
Kenny Drive, 76244  Aug 6 thru Aug 8 2021  View map(PDF, 520KB)
Brook Hill Lane,  76244  Aug 13 thru Aug 15 2021  View map(PDF, 406KB)
Park Vista Blvd., 76177  Aug 13 thru Aug 15 2021  View map(PDF, 480KB)
Willow Springs, 76052  Aug 13 thru Aug 15 2021  View map(PDF, 386KB)
Portales, 76116  Aug 20 thru Aug 22 2021  View map(PDF, 430KB)
Panay Way, 76108  Aug 27 thru Aug 29 2021  View Map(PDF, 6MB)
Pepperidge Ln, 76131  Sept 11 thru Sept 13, 2021  view map(PDF, 249KB)
Panay Way, 76108   Sept 17 thru Sept 19, 2021  view map(PDF, 498KB)
Brook Hill Lane, 76244   Sept 17 thru Sept 19, 2021  view map(PDF, 406KB)
Longstraw, 76131  Sept 24 thru Sept 26, 2021  
Lost Creek, 76008   Sept 25 thru Sept 27, 2001