Development Services Contact Information

Development Coordination

Project Facilitation


 Pre-Development Conferences
 Name  Phone  Email
 Planning Assistant  817-392-2239  
 Helina Sarkodie-Minkah  817-392-8193
General Questions
 Name  Phone  Email
 Manager  817-392-2776  
 Laurie Lewis  817-392-8423

Strategic Operations

Transportation Impact Fees
 Name  Phone  Email
 Mirian Spencer  817-392-2677
 Rebecca Hernandez  817-392-8074
Accela Administration
 Name  Phone  Email
 DaShawn Simmons  817-392-2365
 Darlene Davies  817-392-2851
General Questions
 Name  Phone  Email
 Leo Mantey, Manager  817-392-2561
 Sonnie LaForce, Supervisor  817-392-2303



Contract Management

 Community Facility Agreements (CFA)
 Name  Phone  Email
 Jennifer Ezernack  817-392-2737
 Evelyn Roberts  817-392-2025
Unified Sign Agreements, SWFMAS & Maintenance Agreements
 Name  Phone  Email
 Tiffany Bacon  817-392-8024
 Bichson Nguyen  817-392-2600
 Encroachment Agreements, CFA Closeouts & Reconciliations
 Name   Phone  Email
 Wendy Beardslee  817-392-7645
 Easements & Vacations
 Name   Phone  Email
 Matthew Tilly  817-392-8044
 Josh Martin  817-392-5469
 General Questions
 Name  Phone  Email
 Janie Morales, Manager  817-392-7810




Platting and Annexation


Name Phone Email
Mary Elliott, Planning Manager   817-392-7844
Stuart Campbell  817-392-2412
Alex Parks  817-392-2638
Lindsay Mesa  817-392-8045
Lynn Jordan 817-392-2309
 Annexation and MUD's
 Name  Phone  Email 
 Leo Valencia  817-392-2497
 General Questions
 Name  Phone  Email
 Diana Lopez  817-392-8027
 Tiffany Bacon  817-392-8027






Transportation Development Review

Genera & IPRC Plan Review
 Name  Phone  Email 
 Michael Artaud  817-392-6597
 Bryant Armond  817-392-8702
 Jeff Owens  682-249-6571
 General Questions
 Name  Phone  Email
 Tom Simerly, Manager  817-392-6892

Infrastructure Plan Review Center

To request a consultation or post-submittal meeting, please contact your assigned IPRC Project Manager and submit the appropriate executed form. All pre-submittal conference requests are now being processed through Accela. All requests shall be submitted before 12:00 pm every Tuesday.

Construction Plan Review Submittals & IPRC related Accela Citizen Access Inquiries (ACA)
Name Phone Email
Tablisha Taylor 817-392-6250
Paul Chamberlain 817-392-8576
Construction Plan and Document Reviews, contact your assigned IPRC Project Manager
 Name  Phone  Email
 Yogesh Patel  817‐392‐2373
 Debbie Willhelm  817‐392‐2481
 Patrick Buckley  817‐392‐2443
 Joseph Munnia  817-392-6826 
 Kiran Konduru  817-392-2237
 Khal Jaafari  817‐392‐7872
 Andrew Goodman  817-392-6251
 Sandip Adhikari  817‐392‐8424  Sandip.Adhikari
 Taylor Gunderman  817-392-8009 
 General Questions
 Name  Phone  Email
 Victor Tornero, Manager  817-392-7830

Stormwater Development Services (SDS)

 Stormwater and Floodplain
 Name  Phone  Email
 Robin Stevens  817-392-8035
 Erin Storey  817-392-2084
 Nolan Schomer  817-392-8573
 Saifuddin Ahmed  817-392-2294
 Ronald Nason  817-392-5399
 Danial Shultz  817-392-7947
 General Questions
 Name  Phone  Email
 Stephen Nichols, Manager  817-392-8731




Zoning & Design Review

Zoning and Land Use

Zoning & Land Use, Plans Exam
 Name  Phone  Email
 April Karr  817-392-2328
 Lizeth Guajardo  817-392-2429
 Marybel Pina  817-392-8826
 Inkah Reviere  817-392-6138
 Lucretia Summers  817-392-7933
 Monica Lafitte  817-392-2806
 Brett Mangum  817-392-8043
 Sarah Bergman  817-392-2495
 Andre Duncan  817-392-6329
 Sandra Barraza  817-392-8047
General Questions
 Name  Phone  Email
 Stephen Murray, Manager  817-392-6226
 Lynn Goforth, Supervisor  817-392-2513

Preservation and Design

 Preservation & Design
 Name  Phone  Email
 Justin Newhart, HPO  817-392-8037
 Jamie DeAngelo  817-392-8574
 Evelyn Vasquez  817-392-5985
 Elizabeth Yost  817-392-5349
 Alondra Salas  817-392-8001
 Tiffany Taylor  817-392-2392
 Jessica Rosas  817-392-8000
 General Questions
 Name  Phone  Email
 Randy Hutcheson, Manager  817-392-8008



Urban Forestry & Board of Adjustment

 Urban Forestry
 Name  Phone  Email
 Cheri Cuellar  817-392-7931
 Board of Adjustment
 Name  Phone  Email
 Beth Knight  817-392-8190
 Daniel Guerrero  817-392-2397
 Karen Moreno  817-392-8026
 Aide Pocasangre-Garay  817-392-2733
 General Questions
 Name  Phone  Email
 Sevanne Steiner, Manager  817-392-8012


Plans Exam & Permits

Expedited Plan Review (XTeam)

 Expedited Plan Review
 Name  Phone  Email
 Sr. Plan Reviewer  817-392-2802
 Rodney Brown  817-392-2605
 David Heiliger  817-392-2823
 Michael Still  817-392-2801
 Christopher Patton  817-392-2302
 Deanna Sturm  817-392-2305
 General Questions
 Name  Phone  Email
 Ann Nace, Supervisor  817-392-2301

Plans Exam

All email inquiries related to Building, Mechanical, Plumbing or Electrical Review can be sent to us at your plans examiner assigned to your project or to a staff member listed below:

If you need information specifically about a review comment on a building permit, sign permit or urban forestry review, please refer to your Comments and Conditions from Accela Automation to obtain the contact information for your assigned reviewer.

 Plans Examiners
 Name  Phone  Email
 Gabi Singleton  817-392-8093
 Giselle Gonzalez  817-392-2605
 Leigh Moreno  817-392-8458
 Anthony Munoz  817-392-7822
 Marie Hughes  817-392-2728
 Estella Alvarez-Reynoso  817-392-6288
 Ana Alvarez  817-392-2322
 Janie Grantham  817-392-8133
 Charlie Grantham  817-392-6128
 Don Guy  817-392-2590
 Tim Dixon  817-392-2607
 Jonathan Gause  817-392-7902
 General Questions
 Name  Phone  Email
 Jeff Green, Supervisor  817-392-2827
 Cody Hughes, Supervisor  817-392-2867
 Evan Roberts, Building Code Administrator  817-392-7843