Infrastructure Plan Review Center


The Infrastructure Plan Review Center (IPRC) is responsible for the project management of all developer-funded infrastructure improvements associated with residential, commercial and industrial development.

This role includes: preliminary and final plan review, contract specification review, easement document review, acceptance of plans for construction, and coordination with the developer’s engineer during the construction phase of the project.

New development projects are submitted electronically to the IPRC via Accela; which, uses a team of professional engineers to review, comment and accept the design plans for construction.

Accela Citizen Access

Developer/consultants are encouraged to schedule a Pre-development Conference (PDC) through the City's Development Services Department. The PDC is a discovery meeting to discuss the developer’s general plans, needs and goals. The developer/consultant will meet with representatives from various City departments to discuss possible issues and ask questions relative to the new development project. For more information, visit the Pre-Development Information webpage.


Civil Plan Review

New public infrastructure improvements associated with residential, commercial and industrial development are reviewed by the city's Infrastructure Plan Review team. To submit a civil plan, visit the Infrastructure Plan Review Center, located at the south end of City Hall on the 2nd floor, 200 Texas Street.

Plat Review

All plat applications are reviewed as part of the Development Review Committee. Submit applications for preliminary and final plats to the Development Services/Platting Division on the lower level of City Hall, 200 Texas Street.

As-Built Request

To better track the number of requests that the City of Fort Worth receives and when Departments respond to those requests, Departments are now requiring the requestor to submit a Public Information Request (PIR) via the City’s Online Portal. This will also assist in tracking the requestor's request later.  PIRs can be submitted via the City’s Public Records webpage. Please note: The requestor will need to create a user name and log-in to submit requests.






Developer and Consultant Training

New Development Ordinance, Regulations and Standards

Population growth brings new development and that means construction of public infrastructure. City council approved revisions to the regulations and standards for Community Facility Agreements (CFA), Utility Construction Policy, and the Installation Policy and Design Criteria for Water, Wastewater and Reclaimed Water Infrastructure at their meeting May 7, to ensure new development adequately meets city standards.

Standards and Detail Drawings

City Standards and detail drawings are listed in the categories shown below and are also available to view or download under specification or standard construction drawing through the project resources page.

For Developer Awarded Projects (DAP)

Division 01 – General Requirements

Division 34 - Transportation

Standard Specifications for all Construction Projects

Division 02 – Existing Conditions

Division 03 – Concrete

Division 26 – Electrical

Division 31 – Earthwork

Division 32 – Exterior Improvements

Division 33 – Utilities

Division 34 – Transportation

Traffic Control Plans

Most permits require traffic control plans. View specifications and sample plans(PDF, 2MB). For information on Street Classifications, view the Master Thoroughfare Plan.

Master Thoroughfare Plan (MTP)

The Master Thoroughfare Plan (MTP) is the long-range plan for major transportation facilities in the city of Fort Worth.

The MTP is not targeted to a specific point in the future, but is intended to accommodate the ultimate development of the city’s thoroughfare network. It is a right-of-way preservation document, allowing the orderly development of a network necessary to support the city’s growth plans. Future thoroughfare alignments are conceptual, long-term, and general in nature.

Visit the Master Thoroughfare Plan (MTP) webpage for more details.

License and Bond Applications

 Available to view & download on TPW's webpage.

Water, Wastewater and Reclaimed Water

Developer information related to water, wastewater and reclaimed water can be found here.

Additional Ordinances and Construction Codes

Information related to additional ordinances and construction codes can be found here.