Encroachment is when any physical object projects into the city’s right-of-way and/or city-owned easements. The physical object can include any portion of a building, including an awning or a fence for example. It can also include signs and conduits.

The Development Services director may authorize all encroachments into public Right-of-Way or City-owned easements, with the exception of encroachment requests that fall under the category of “Major Encroachments.”

Major encroachments are defined as building structures on, above or below public Right-of-Way. Major encroachment requests must go to the City Council for approval.


Step 1.Download the Encroachment Initiation Form

Encroachment Agreement Initiation Form(PDF, 387KB)

Step 2.Payment for $700.00 administrative fee

  • Check made out to the City of Fort Worth
  • Credit payment
  • Cash payment

Step 3.Prepare set of Exhibits 

Agreement Exhibit Example(PDF, 414KB)

  • Legal meters and bounds in degrees, minutes and seconds for the encroachment area only
  • Relevant plat information including city lot, block and parcel numbers corresponding to the development 
  • Clear outlines for both property and any buildings, structures, and encroachment areas
  • Descriptions of structures included in the project , i.e. fences, sidewalks, signs, buildings
  • Map Legend detailing the symbolic meaning of lines/shapes/points on the map
  • Address
  • If not available , cross streets can be used as an approximation
  • Other Map Elements including scale bar with units, north arrow, inset map showing approximate location



Step 4.The completed documents will be uploaded to Accela Automation by the CFA Office and payment instructions for the $700 administrative fees, as well as next steps, will be provided

CFA office Staff will then provide the applicant with the permit number (“PN” number) and will notify them in writing of the items required to complete the encroachment process. Plan Review progress can be monitored online 24/7 at https://accela.fortworthtexas.gov/citizenaccess/.

CFA office Staff will provide the applicant with the permit number (“PN” number) and required documentation to complete the encroachment process

•Online payment instructions
•Once payment is received, then the encroachment request will be routed to Plan Review for review
•Instructions to monitor the progress of your applications
  • Access Accela at: https://accela.fortworthtexas.gov/citizenaccess/
  • Click on “Development”
  • Enter your permit number – PNxx-xxxxx
  • Click “Search” > “Record Info” > “Processing Status”
  • Departments that have an hourglass to the left of them are still pending for review. If a department has approved the review, you will see a green check mark. If corrections are needed, you will see a red “X”.

Step 5. Signatures

 Once Plan Review has been completed and CFA office receives the supporting documentation needed to complete the encroachment agreement, the agreement will be routed for signature and approvals from the following persons:

  • Compliance Manager
  • City Attorney
  • Development Services Director 
  • Development Services Notary
  • City Secretary
  • Tarrant County Courthouse 

Step 6. Notification

Once the Encroachment Agreement(s) has been recorded at Tarrant County Courthouse, the contact person listed on the Encroachment Initiation Form will be notified and will receive an electronic copy of the agreement.

Please contact the Contract Management Office at (817) 392-7645 or zz_DEVSVCS_CFA@fortworthtexas.gov if you have additional questions

For additional information, contact:
Manager, Janie Morales, at 817-392-7810 or Janie.Morales@fortworthtexas.gov.
Project Assistant, Wendy Beardslee, at 817-392-7645 or Wendy.Beardslee@fortworthtexas.gov.
Contract Compliance Specialist, Jennifer Ezernack, at 817-392-2737 or Jennifer.Ezernack@fortworthtexas.gov.