Fairmount/Southside Historic District


The Fairmount/Southside Historic District is representative of the early 20th-century streetcar suburb, with a diversity of house forms, related institutional and commercial properties. Fairmount/Southside is situated on the near south side of Fort Worth, approximately two miles south of downtown. Boundaries of the area form a rectangle of about 375 acres (or 0.6 square mile) Fairmount was developed as a middle class residential area between 1890 and 1938, with the largest concentration of houses dating from 1905 to 1920. The predominate building is the single-family residence, with wood frame bungalows being the most common configuration. Variations on the Four Square form are scattered throughout the District. Fairmount/Southside’s grandest homes are concentrated in the eastern sections of the Districts and reflect a variety of stylistic influences. In the survey made as part of the nomination for National Register of Historic Places status, there were found to be 1,016 Contributing buildings, one Contributing structure and 425 Non-contributing buildings.

This information is from the nomination submitted as part of the application process, which resulted in the listing of the Fairmount/Southside Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Historic Preservation Committee of the Fairmount Neighborhood Association, in conjunction with the City of Fort Worth Preservation and Design Staff, have been working to create new design review guidelines for the Fairmount Southside Local Historic District. The new standards were created to convey the best methods and practices for preserving historic structures while clarify rules.

Standards and Guidelines