Food Inspections

The Consumer Health division inspects restaurants and other food establishments to keep Fort Worth residents safe from food-borne diseases. 


Violations found during the inspection are recorded as demerits and are separated into three groups. Priority Violations (3 demerits) – These violations are critical to ensuring the food served to the public is properly cooked and served in a safe and sanitary manner. Priority Foundation Violations (2 demerits) – These violations are critical to supporting the employee’s knowledge of procedures to provide safe food in a well equipped kitchen. Core Violations (1 demerit) – These violations are documented when the businesses are not maintaining their physical facilities and equipment to the minimum standards.

There is not a failing score. However, state law does indicate that when total demerits exceed 30, “the establishment shall initiate immediate corrective action on all identified critical violations and shall initiate corrective action on all other violations within 48 hours.”

It is important to remember that the scores here represent only a snapshot of the facility at the time the inspector arrived. The conditions could be better or worse while an inspector is not present.

Food Establishment Inspections

Food Safety Guide


How to Get Your City of Fort Worth Food Handlers Card


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  • 100% Online—Our entire food handlers card training course is offered online, so you can train on your computer, tablet, or smartphone wherever you'd like. 
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Food Handler Certificates (valid for two years)

Food Handler Certificates (valid for two years):

  • Classes taught at Consumer Health’s main office. $16
  • Classes taught at the facility by Consumer Health staff: $16
    No payment accepted on-site. Payment due in full at Consumer Health’s main office (price per certificate).
  • Taught by contract trainer with approved Food Handler curriculum: $12
  • Fort Worth online Food Handler class: $10


Change of Ownership

Change of Ownership Fee: $125


Farmers market fees

  • Annual Farmers Market: no charge
  • Annual Farmers Market Food Vendor: $100

Note: A re-issuance fee of 15% of the past due permit amount will be applied to all permits paid after the expiration date.