Accounts Payable Check Register

The City of Fort Worth maintains this page to promote open government and financial transparency. In an effort to be transparent and promote accountability to our citizens about what the city is spending, the City of Fort Worth posts the current year’s monthly check registers and summary check registers for the past five fiscal years which shows vendor payments for goods and services provided to the City.

The City’s fiscal year begins October 1st - September 30th.

The check register includes payment ID, payment date, payment status, payment amount, payment method, payee, invoice number, invoice date, and accounting description. The Fiscal Year spreadsheets are based on Payment Date, not Accounting Date.   Data in the check register is not updated after it is posted. The register excludes any information that might reveal protected privacy information.

Totals on this site may not necessarily match totals in the City’s budget or the City’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Report. The information is point in time raw data from the City's financial system and may be subject to change.


Monthly Check Registers

 June 2024(XLSX, 1MB)
 May 2024(XLSX, 1MB)
 April 2024(XLSX, 1MB)
March 2024(XLS, 4MB) 
February 2024(XLS, 4MB)
January 2024(XLS, 4MB)
December 2023(XLS, 4MB)

November 2023(XLSX, 1MB)

October 2023(XLSX, 1MB) 
September 2023(XLSX, 1MB)
August 2023(XLSX, 1MB)
July 2023(XLSX, 1MB)
June 2023(XLSX, 1MB)
May 2023(XLSX, 1MB)
April 2023(XLSX, 1MB)
March 2023(XLSX, 1MB)

February 2023(XLSX, 942KB)

January 2023(XLSX, 929KB)

December 2022(XLSX, 934KB)

November 2022(XLSX, 1002KB)

October 2022(XLSX, 935KB)


Annual Check Registers

Fiscal Year 2023(XLSX, 13MB)

Fiscal Year 2022(XLSX, 12MB)

Fiscal Year 2021(XLSX, 11MB)

Fiscal Year 2020(XLSX, 11MB)

Fiscal Year 2019(XLSX, 11MB)

Fiscal Year 2018(XLSX, 10MB)

Fiscal Year 2017(XLSX, 10MB)