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Date Issued Department Name Audit Report Title Highlights
 Jun. 14, 2024 Water  Village Creek Drainage Basin Main 325 Parallel Relief Sewer Part 2 Contract(PDF, 627KB)  
 Apr. 5, 2024 Various  Inventory Controls(PDF, 353KB)  
 Mar. 1, 2024 The FWLab  Revenue Estimates(PDF, 630KB)  
 Jan. 17, 2024 Transportation and Public Works  Construction Transportation and Public Works(PDF, 2MB)  
 Dec. 8, 2023 Financial Management Services  PeopleSoft Procurement Software(PDF, 1MB)  
 Oct. 5, 2023 Financial Management Services  Department Level Grants Management(PDF, 3MB)  


Date Issued Department Name Audit Report Title Highlights
 Sept. 27, 2023  Citywide  FY2023 Data Analysis(PDF, 2MB)  
 Sept. 21, 2023  Development Services  Permitting Process(PDF, 751KB)  
 Aug. 29, 2023  Property Management  Construction Property Management(PDF, 930KB)  
 July 20, 2023  Information Technology Solutions  Building Access Security(PDF, 4MB)  
 July 13, 2023  Water  Construction Aggregates Controls(PDF, 1MB)  
 May 5, 2023  Code Compliance  Controlled Substances(PDF, 879KB)  
 Mar. 23, 2023  Planning & Data Analytics  Property Tax Reconciliation(PDF, 792KB)  
 Mar. 15, 2023  Financial Management Services  Implementation of Payroll Consultants' Recommendations(PDF, 859KB)  
 Jan. 24, 2023  Police  Weapons Destruction(PDF, 2MB)  
 Jan. 5, 2023  Code Compliance  Container Hauling Fees(PDF, 1MB)  
 Jan. 3, 2023  Information Technology Solutions  Remote Access Security(PDF, 3MB)  
 Nov. 22, 2022  Planning & Data Analytics  Revenue Estimates(PDF, 1MB)  
 Nov. 17, 2022  Property Management  Fuel Card Program(PDF, 2MB)    
 Nov. 3, 2022  Aviation  Alliance Management Services Contract(PDF, 2MB)  
 Oct. 14, 2022  Citywide  FY2022 Data Analysis Results-Modified(PDF, 305KB)    


Date Issued Department Name Audit Report Title Highlights
Aug. 26, 2022 Transportation & Public Works Street Light Repairs and Maintenance(PDF, 834KB)  
Aug. 12, 2022 Park and Recreation  ActiveNet Software(PDF, 470KB)   
May 27, 2022 Human Resources  Unemployment Claims Process(PDF, 2MB)  
May 27, 2022 Citywide  Payroll Adjustments and Corrections(PDF, 606KB)  
March 25, 2022 Property Management  Facilities Maintenance Costs(PDF, 414KB)   
March 4, 2022 Transportation & Public Works  Construction Change Orders(PDF, 726KB)  
Dec. 30, 2021 Police  Police Response Time(PDF, 633KB)  
Dec. 30, 2021 Development Services   Transportation Impact Fees(PDF, 557KB)  
Dec. 30, 2021 Human Resources  Unemployment Claims Process - Interim Report(PDF, 5MB)  
Dec. 17, 2021 Park and Recreation  Arcadia Trails Park Playground Replacements Contract(PDF, 806KB)  
Dec. 17, 2021 Water  Remote-Read Water Meters Audit - Modified(PDF, 943KB)  
Dec. 13, 2021 Code Compliance  HealthSpace Software Audit (PDF, 1MB)  
Nov. 24, 2021 Citywide  FY2021 Data Analysis Results(PDF, 114KB)  
Oct. 22, 2021 Citywide  Delegation of Financial Signing Authority Audit(PDF, 602KB) 
Oct. 15, 2021 Citywide  Procurement Card Data Review(PDF, 315KB)  
 Date Issued  Department Name  Audit Report Title  Highlights
 Sept. 30, 2021  Communications & Public  Engagement   Volunteer and Intern Recruitment Audit(PDF, 206KB)   
 Sept. 24, 2021  Planning & Data Analytics  Revenue Estimates(PDF, 397KB)   
 Sept. 17, 2021  Water  Wastewater Diversion (from Eagle Mountain Lake Drainage Basin to  Big Fossil Creek Drainage Basin) Contract Audit(PDF, 597KB)  
 Sept. 17, 2021  Neighborhood Services   Donations Audit(PDF, 607KB)  
 Aug. 20, 2021  Water  2018 Water Lead Services Replacement Contract(PDF, 417KB)  
 Aug. 6, 2021  Citywide  On-Line Payment Reconciliations Audit(PDF, 527KB)  
 June 4, 2021  Financial Management Services Treasury Operations Audit(PDF, 306KB)  
 May 7, 2021  Information Technology Solutions  Cybersecurity Audit(PDF, 2MB)  
 April 2, 2021  Financial Management Services  Accounts Payable Audit(PDF, 479KB)   
 Feb. 19, 2021  Transportation & Public Works  Concrete Street Restoration Construction Audit(PDF, 667KB)   
 Feb. 19, 2021  Transportation & Public Works  Street and Bridge Improvements Audit(PDF, 531KB)   
 Feb. 19, 2021  Transportation & Public Works  Timberland Boulevard Arterial Roadway Improvements Contract Audit(PDF, 673KB)   
 Dec. 31, 2020  Citywide  FY2020 Data Analysis Results(PDF, 122KB)   
 Dec. 18, 2020  Information Technology Solutions  Cybersecurity Audit Interim Audit(PDF, 363KB)             
 Nov. 20, 2020  Human Resources  Employer Healthcare Expenses Audit(PDF, 177KB)   
 Nov. 6, 2020  Water  Water Field Operations Inventory Audit(PDF, 485KB)   
Date Issued Department Name Audit Report Title Highlights
Aug. 21, 2020 Property Management Service Center Operations Audit(PDF, 502KB)   
Aug. 7, 2020 Police  Police Unclaimed Funds Audit(PDF, 388KB)

pdf(PDF, 220KB)

July 17, 2020 Property Management  Gas Utility Expense Audit(PDF, 202KB)   
July 10, 2020 Park and Recreation  Facility Rentals - Park and Recreation Audit(PDF, 443KB)    
July 2, 2020 Citywide  Responsible Authority Revenue Audit(PDF, 475KB)   
June 19, 2020 Citywide  Audit of Late Fees Paid by the City of Fort Worth(PDF, 325KB)   
May 22, 2020 Public Events Facility Rentals - Public Events(PDF, 261KB)  
May 22, 2020 Citywide Employee On-Boarding Audit(PDF, 135KB)
May 8, 2020 Citywide Audit of Sales Tax Paid by the City of Fort Worth Report(PDF, 240KB)   
March 6, 2020 Information Technology Vendor Access Controls Audit(PDF, 218KB)
Feb. 7, 2020 Water Water Utility Billing and Adjustments Audit(PDF, 556KB)   
Jan. 27, 2020 Performance & Budget Revenue Estimates Audit(PDF, 295KB)
Jan. 10, 2020 Park and Recreation Ft. Worth Park and Recreation Sports Advisory Council, Inc.(PDF, 165KB)   
Dec. 20, 2019 Financial Management Services Grants Management Audit(PDF, 510KB)   
Nov. 22, 2019 Economic Development Economic Development Program Agreement Review(PDF, 122KB)   
Nov. 22, 2019 Citywide Equipment Leases Audit(PDF, 368KB)   
Nov. 8, 2019 Financial Management Services PID 14 Audit(PDF, 317KB)   
Oct. 11, 2019 Citywide Overtime Usage and Controls Audit(PDF, 479KB) 

pdf(PDF, 259KB)

Oct. 4, 2019 Citywide FY2019 Data Analysis Results(PDF, 1MB)   
Date Issued Department Name Audit Report Title Highlights
Sept. 27, 2019 Fire Fire Inspections Audit(PDF, 174KB)  pdf(PDF, 186KB)
Sept. 13, 2019 Municipal Court Citation Accountability Audit(PDF, 621KB)
Sept. 6, 2019 Economic Development Economic Development Program Agreement Review - Wal-Mart Stores Texas, LLC(PDF, 87KB)   
Aug. 30, 2019 Economic Development Property Tax Abatement Agreement Review - Andrews Distributing Company of North Texas, LLC(PDF, 87KB)
Aug. 30, 2019 Police Police Property and Evidence Audit(PDF, 262KB)   
July 12, 2019 Economic Development Economic Development Program Agreement Review Clearfork Development Company LLC - Modified(PDF, 88KB)
July 12, 2019 Communications & Public Engagement Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) Access Channel Funding(PDF, 168KB)   
May 10, 2019 Library Library Cash Handling Audit(PDF, 172KB)
May 3, 2019 Economic Development Economic Development Program Agreement Review Tanger Fort Worth LLC - Modified(PDF, 88KB)   
April 12, 2019 Financial Management Services Revenue Sharing Agreements Audit(PDF, 375KB) 
April 5, 2019 Financial Management Services PID 8 Camp Bowie Audit(PDF, 346KB)   
March 29, 2019 Performance and Budget Hyperion Software Implementation Audit(PDF, 171KB) 
March 15, 2019 Transportation and Public Works Parking Garage Revenue Audit March 15, 2019 - Modified(PDF, 502KB)   
Feb. 22, 2019  Financial Management Services PID 11 Stockyards Audit(PDF, 323KB)  
Feb. 8, 2019 Citywide Overtime Usage and Controls Audit - Interim Report - No. 1(PDF, 457KB) 
Jan. 30, 2019 Economic Development Economic Development Program Agreement Review -Parker Products, Inc.(PDF, 320KB)   
Jan. 18, 2019 Financial Management Services Hotel Occupancy Tax Revenue Audit(PDF, 148KB) 
Nov. 30, 2018  Communications & Public Engagement  Audiovisual Equipment Accountability Audit(PDF, 632KB)   
Nov. 2, 2018 Financial Management Services  PID 6 Audit(PDF, 537KB) 
Nov. 2, 2018 Financial Management Services PID 7 Audit(PDF, 429KB)   
Oct. 5, 2018 Economic Development Property Tax Abatement and Economic Development Program Agreement Review -Winner LLC(PDF, 311KB) 
Oct. 1, 2018 Information Technology Solutions Telephone Expense Audit(PDF, 504KB)   
Date Issued Department Name Audit Report Title
 Sept. 26, 2018  Fire  Commercial Fire Inspection Audit(PDF, 433KB) 
 Sept. 7, 2018  Municipal Court  Municipal Court State Reporting Audit(PDF, 782KB) 
 July 6, 2018  Transportation and Public Works  Street Maintenance and Repairs Audit(PDF, 843KB) 
 June 29, 2018  Citywide  Travel and Training Expense Reporting Audit(PDF, 218KB) 
 May 4, 2018  Financial Management Services  Fixed Assets Dispositions Audit(PDF, 356KB) 
 April 6, 2018  Planning and Development  Property Tax Exemptions Audit(PDF, 575KB)
 March 30, 2018  Code Compliance  Case Management - Code Compliance Audit (PDF, 1MB)
 March 2, 2018  Economic Development  Economic Development Program Agreement Review -Trademark Property Company(PDF, 83KB)
 Jan. 5, 2018  Information Technology Solutions  ERP II Post-System Implementation Audit (PDF, 222KB)
 Dec. 1, 2017  Human Resources  Subrogation Recoveries/First-Party Claims Audit(PDF, 498KB)
 Oct. 20, 2017  Property Management  Fleet Maintenance Audit(PDF, 431KB)
 Sept. 29, 2017  Financial Management Services  Hotel Occupancy Tax Revenue Audit(PDF, 166KB)
 Sept. 8, 2017  Citywide  Delinquent Accounts Collections Audit(PDF, 521KB)
 Aug. 11, 2017  Park and Recreation  Golf Operations Audit(PDF, 428KB)
 Aug. 4, 2017  Information Technology Solutions  IT Asset Verification Audit(PDF, 203KB)
 June 30, 2017  Aviation  Hangar Leases Audit(PDF, 219KB)
 June 23, 2017  Financial Management Services  Procurement Process Audit(PDF, 194KB)
 June 2, 2017  Human Resources  Tuition Reimbursement Audit(PDF, 848KB)
 June 2, 2017  Economic Development  Property Tax Abatement and Economic Development Program Agreement Review(PDF, 210KB)
 April 28, 2017  Transportation and Public Works  Hardy Street Single(PDF, 174KB)
 April 21, 2017  Citywide  Designated Fee Usage Audit(PDF, 100KB) 
 March 10, 2017  Park and Recreation  McLeland Tennis Center Audit(PDF, 418KB)
 Feb. 3, 2017  Planning and Development  Planning & Development Software Audit(PDF, 336KB)
 Jan. 27, 2017  Property Management  XTO Gas Royalty Audit(PDF, 30KB)
 Dec. 30, 2016  Police  Auto Pound Operations Audit(PDF, 1MB)
 Nov. 11, 2016  Park and Recreation  Patricia LeBlanc Park Playground Construction Audit(PDF, 1MB)
 Nov. 4, 2016  Citywide  Citywide Revenue Collection Process Audit(PDF, 382KB) 
 Sept. 23, 2016  Neighborhood Services  Community Development Block Grant Audit of the YWCA of Fort Worth and Tarrant County(PDF, 200KB)
 Sept. 2, 2016  Financial Management Services  Alcoholic Beverage Permits Audit(PDF, 328KB) 
 Aug. 26, 2016  Financial Management Services  Hotel Occupancy Tax Revenue Audit(PDF, 130KB)
 June 24, 2016  Property Management Gas Revenue Audit of the Spinks Airport Unit Audit(PDF, 37KB)  
 June 17, 2016  Economic Development  Property Tax Abatement and Economic Development Program Agreement Review(PDF, 92KB)
 May 27, 2016  Water  Water Main Extensions, Replacements and Relocations Audit(PDF, 506KB) 
 April 22, 2016  Neighborhood Services  Summer and After-School Food Programs Audit(PDF, 744KB)
 April 1, 2016  Citywide  Payroll Processing Audit(PDF, 1MB)
 Feb. 19, 2016  Neighborhood Services  Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Program Grant Audit of the Tarrant County Samaritan Housing, Inc(PDF, 463KB) 
 Jan. 29, 2016  Transportation and Public Works  Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete Street Rehabilitation Audit(PDF, 899KB) 
 Jan. 22, 2016  Financial Management Services  Hotel Occupancy Tax Revenue Audit(PDF, 133KB) 
 Dec. 18, 2015  City Manager's Office  Public Art Program Audit(PDF, 841KB) 
 Dec. 11, 2015  Citywide  Procurement Card Program Audit(PDF, 556KB) 
 Oct. 16, 2015  Neighborhood Services  Home Investment Partnerships Program Grant, Tarrant County Housing Partnership, Inc. Beaty Street Apartments Project Audit(PDF, 216KB) 
 Sept. 11, 2015  Neighborhood Services  Community Development Block Grant Audit of YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth(PDF, 134KB) 
 Sept. 11, 2015  Neighborhood Services  Neighborhood Empowerment Zone ,NEZ, Residences at Eastland Audit(PDF, 911KB) 
 Sept. 4, 2015  Public Events  Concession Revenue Audit(PDF, 194KB) 
 Sept. 4, 2015  Information Technology Solutions  ERP Phase II Pre-System Implementation Audit(PDF, 168KB) 
 Aug. 14, 2015  Water  Miscellaneous Sewer Main Extensions, Replacements & Relocations Contract Audit(PDF, 290KB) 
 July 17, 2015  Economic Development  Property Tax Abatement and Economic Development Program Agreement Review(PDF, 120KB)
 May 15, 2015  Neighborhood Services  Community Development Block Grant Audit of Clayton Youth Enrichment Services Inc.(PDF, 140KB) 
 May 8, 2015  Police  Asset Forfeitures Audit(PDF, 267KB) 
 April 24, 2015  Financial Management Services  Property Tax Revenue Audit(PDF, 173KB) 
 March 13, 2015  Neighborhood Services  Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Program Grant Audit of AIDS Outreach Center Inc.(PDF, 104KB) 
 March 13, 2015  Financial Management Services  Hotel Occupancy Tax Revenue Audit(PDF, 190KB) 
 Jan. 30, 2015  Human Resources  Health Insurance Fund Balance Audit(PDF, 257KB) 
 Jan. 30, 2015  City Manager's Office  Directions Home Program Audit(PDF, 202KB) 
 Jan. 30, 2015  Water  Pavement Reconstruction, Water and Sanitary Sewer Replacement Construction Audit(PDF, 160KB) 
 Dec. 19, 2014  Municipal Court  Municipal Court Cash Collections and Non-Cash Ticket Dispositions Audit(PDF, 757KB) 
 Dec. 12, 2014  Water  Water Department Cash Handling Audit(PDF, 99KB) 
 Dec. 5, 2014  Information Technology Solutions  Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP II Pre-System Implementation Interim Audit(PDF, 407KB) 
 Nov. 21, 2014  Financial Management Services  2013 External Audit Follow-Up Audit(PDF, 114KB) 
 Oct. 24, 2014  Information Technology Services  Software License Compliance Audit(PDF, 165KB) 
 Oct. 24, 2014  Police  Police-Initiated Towing Fee Study(PDF, 477KB) 
 Sept. 26, 2014  Citywide  Petty, Change and Imprest Cash Funds Audit(PDF, 253KB) 
 July 11, 2014  Property Management  JPMorgan Chase Gas Revenue Bank Account Audit(PDF, 189KB) 
 May 30, 2014  Economic Development  Property Tax Abatement and Economic Development Program Grant Review(PDF, 355KB) 




Our mission is to assist the Mayor and City Council in the effective discharge of their responsibilities by identifying risks and conducting independent and objective evaluations of city programs and services. Internal Audit aims to help promote fiscal stewardship, transparency and add value by ensuring that the City of Fort Worth’s governance processes are efficient, effective and are in compliance with applicable regulatory guidelines.


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Interim City Auditor:

Patrice Randle