Author Series - Mark Huffman

About The Toot Fairy

Bodily function continues to be a popular subject for children, especially when teaching about more important, worldly issues. As a result of COVID-19, many college kids (and adults out of work) have had to find jobs in fields where they did not necessarily attain a degree. "The Toot Fairy" by Mark Huffman starts the conversation early—sometimes unforeseeable circumstances create a need to shift course. Huffman teaches kids not to be discouraged, but to find another path, to do their best, and to see where it takes them. His hilarious rhymes will have readers laughing out loud, while inspiring valuable conversations about future career paths with parents and teachers.


About Mark Huffman

Mark Huffman is an anesthesiologist by day, and by night, a children’s book author. He writes about shared human experiences, which in "The Toot Fairy" means that he writes about toots, bottoms and careers. According to Huffman, he prepared for writing children’s books by spending much of his early life as an actual child. "The Toot Fairy" is his debut children’s picture book, and he is also the author of  "Leviathan" (adult sci-fi/fiction series that debuted in 2020). He lives with his family in Texas. 






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