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photo of author Autumn Radle and the cover of her book Lila Grey, Let Go of the Day

About Lila Grey, Let Go of the Day

Meet Lila Grey, a little girl with so much to do, she does not want to let go of the day! But Lila Grey’s mother knows the secret to settling her little one peacefully down to sleep – she tells Lila Grey the story of her day - reminding her daughter of all that she has done while promising there will always be more to discover and learn tomorrow. 

Inspired by her own daughter’s struggles to settle down to sleep after a busy day, Autumn Radle’s poetic prose and Marrieta Gal’s delightful illustrations follow Lila Grey and her cat Falcon on a journey through their bustling day. Young readers will imagine themselves pursuing similar adventures (and future professions!) including architect, explorer, artist, farmer, chef, cowgirl, scientist, friend, family member, and even a ship’s captain, before drifting off to sleep.

Lila Grey, Let Go of the Day is an endearing bedtime story to share with your active child, creating precious memories of reading together, while helping them let go of their day and embrace a quiet night of peaceful dreams. 


About Autumn Radle

Autumn Radle grew up in the wilds of Upstate New York where she spent her free time exploring the forest and creek behind her house and reading as many books as she could carry home from the library. After winning Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, in Mrs. Rajczkewski’s third grade poetry contest, Autumn’s dream of becoming a writer began to take shape. 

Practicality won out for a while, however, and Autumn dedicated the first half of her professional life to urban planning and sustainability. She is passionate about helping communities improve and protect the natural and built environment while promoting a better quality of life for all to enjoy.

When she’s not writing about Lila Grey’s next adventure, you can find Autumn hiking in the mountains or enjoying time with her husband, daughter, two Great Pyrenees rescue dogs, and a rather persnickety cat.





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