Author Series - Maya Sharma

About Paving: Conversations with Incredible Women who are Shaping our World

From their first-hand experiences, Maya's expressive conversations have delved into the difficulties that many women face in the modern world and deftly drawn valuable knowledge from the panoramic fount of the remarkable minds of these global influencers. From how they rose up the ranks to where they sit today, and the challenges they faced on their journey there, to how they stood against them, there is much inspiration and encouragement for the many ambitious women they have paved the way for.

In fact, Paving is a force of its own, an audacious undertaking, and an eloquent book of thought-provoking answers and extraordinary stories. There is one pivotal theme: No matter what your circumstances, and whatever adversity you face, with perseverance, achieving your goal is always possible.


About Maya Sharma

An 11th grade student at Eastside Preparatory School in Washington State, Maya has already won several prizes in science, math, essay writing, and arts at school, state, and national competitions. She is a fan of traveling, reading books, playing the piano and spending time with her friends. Maya has been writing for her school newsletter since 4th grade, where she took on the topics of technology, automation, diversity, politics, and gender equality in her columns.

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