Navajo Weaving at Shamblee

child weaving on small loom

Learn how the Navajo people of the Southwestern United States create their traditional rugs and blankets.

Make a colorful miniature woven rug of your own using similar techniques and tools. What story will your rug tell? As a destination for discovery, your Fort Worth Public Library is a location for learners of any age.  We designed this program for families!

Navajo rugs and blankets are made of wool and feature bold designs and natural dyes made from the native plants in the American Southwest. The art of hand weaving has been passed down from generation to generation, using simple looms and tools to create rugs and blankets filled with stories and symbolism.




  • Friday, November 18, 2022 | 01:00 PM


Fort Worth Public Library - Ella Mae Shamblee, 1062 Evans Ave., Fort Worth 76104  View Map

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