Off the Record with Big Heaven

Members of the Fort Worth-area band Big Heaven at the Central Library

 Join music librarian Rita Alfaro as she and local Fort Worth band, Big Heaven talk about everything from Silver Wheels skating rink, Black Dog Tavern, Cloudland Studios and the evolving Fort Worth music community.

 Big Heaven was formed as a duo in 2017 by longtime Fort Worth musician Amanda Hand (The Crystal Furs, Sloan Automatic) and Jesse Gage. It has since grown to include guitarist Brock Miller (Andy Pickett), bassist Peter Marsh (War Party, Sur Duda, Andy Pickett, Hot Knife), drummer Sam Dobbin (Tiger of Bengal), and keyboardist Steve Peglar (Binary Void, Sloan Automatic).

Big Heaven's sound is reminiscent of 80s garage/synth pop, 60s girl groups, and a splash of 90s pop rock. Live audiences enjoy dancing at Big Heavens energetic shows, while listeners pick up on lyrical themes of longing, rejection and questioning the status quo.




  • Monday, March 01, 2021 | 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM