First Encounters - four travel vignettes

artwork featuring David Mould and passports

Wherever he travels, historian and journalist David Mould is constantly scribbling in his notebook or on whatever piece of paper he has handy—an airline boarding card, a restaurant menu. He records his first impressions so that he can connect the dots later.

Even in a place filled with new sights, sounds, and smells, what is interesting and unexpected is more familiar the next time around, and less worthy of recording. Here are four vignettes based on first encounters—

  • "Arriving in India,”
  • “Paris with rice paddies” (Madagascar’s capital, Antananarivo),
  • “The traffic jam that never ends” (Dhaka, Bangladesh),
  • “Desperately Seeking SIM card” (trying to connect in Hyderabad, India). 



  • Thursday, August 05, 2021 | 06:30 PM