Emergency Household Assistance Program – CARES Act

The City of Fort Worth Neighborhood Services Department is accepting applications for several programs designed to assist residents with housing and other household expenses resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak.

Community Services Block Grant

  • Recommended amount: $2,532,450
  • Estimated households to be assisted: 700

Provides eligible applicants rent and utility assistance. Eligible applicants must meet program income requirements, which includes household incomes at or below 200% of the poverty level. The applicant may only apply for rent and utility assistance related to one property.

Residents applying for this program must complete a Community Action Partners application(PDF, 791KB).

Coronavirus-19 Relief Fund

  • Recommended amount: $7,200,000
  • Estimated households to be assisted: 2,000

Provides eligible applicants emergency rental, rapid rehousing, utility assistance and other household expenses such as groceries and medicine. Eligible applicants' total household income must be at or below 120% of the area median income. Applicants must provide documentation for the proof of hardship caused by COVID-19 that renders the household unable to pay rent, mortgage or utilities. Applicants must be a resident of the City of Fort Worth.

Applications for the Coronavirus Relief Fund and Community Services Block Grant programs are being accepted online.



Step 1

Step 1.View the instructions

Watch this video for instructions

Step 2.View the Application

Application walkthrough video


It is very important to fill out this application accurately for faster processing.

Step 2

Please read the following carefully as step 2:

  • This assistance is for individuals or households who are experiencing a financial crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • You must be a legal resident of the USA to receive this assistance. If you are not, you may apply at fortworthtexas.gov/cap.
  • You must be a resident of Fort Worth.
  • Please review eligibility requirements and a documents checklist(PDF, 554KB)  to ensure you have what you need.
  • You will need to upload documents. Please have these documents scanned and ready before you begin your application. When uploading documents, do not encrypt them, or use special characters such as "*&%$" etc. The name of the document should be simple, such as income or ID card.  
  • Our software only recognizes JPEG or PDF file formats. No Zipped files nor HEIC file format allowed.
  • If you are applying for rent assistance, please have your landlord complete this form(PDF, 101KB).

Step 3

After watching the video and reading the requirements

You are ready to apply.

  • We strongly recommend using a desktop or a laptop computer to avoid interruptions. 
  • Please make sure to have documents ready from step 2 as you will need to upload them in the online application (documents need to be full page, clear copies). 
  • The online application consists of 7 screens. Please fill as much information on each page.
  • Also note Make sure to notate your Confirmation Number, which will appear once your application has been successfully completed in the online application.
  • Please check your e-mails (including junk mail folder) for messages confirming your application. These will come from "FortWorthTexas.gov."  To find out your status, call our Fort Worth CARES hotline at (817) 392-CARE (2273).


Apply Online for Fort Worth CARES 2021


Applications for Emergency Household Assistance will be available until March 31, 2021.


COVID-19 Relief Funding Allocations

The U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department has awarded the City of Fort Worth more than $6.8 million to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The funds may be used for a variety of emergency and support services for low- and moderate-income residents. All funds must be used to prevent, prepare for and respond to the coronavirus.

The City of Fort Worth Neighborhood Services Department will oversee allocation of these relief funds. City Council approved the following funding recommendations on May 19, 2020 (Tier I) and June 23, 2020 (Tier II): 

CARES Community Development Block Grant (CDBG-CV)

It is recommended that the total $4,360,291 CDBG-CV amount be allocated as follows:

  • Emergency Rental Assistance Programs: $2,531,358
    These funds were awarded to agencies that administer emergency rental assistance consistent with a program model that provides up to three months of rental assistance for households with incomes under 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) who are late on their rent or unable to pay next month’s rent. Eligible clients will pay 30% of current income toward their rent, will provide proof of income for all members of the household, will provide proof of reduction and/or loss of income due to the COVID-19 crisis, will provide a copy of their current lease and will obtain verification of landlord's acceptance of terms and conditions of City rental assistance.
  • Services for the Elderly: $500,000
    These funds were awarded to agencies that offer activities to elderly persons to reduce their risk of COVID-19, such as in-home meals or other services, transportation, health and wellness-related services and the like.
  • Employment-related Services: $465,875
    These funds were awarded to agencies that offer activities such as job placement, training, coaching and/or direct assistance to support employment or remove barriers to employment such as child care, certifications, work clothing, tools and related items.
  • General Administration: $872,058
    Costs of planning for, administering, reporting on and monitoring all activities paid for with CDBG-CV funds.
  • Direct Awards to Public Service Agencies
    Contracts will be awarded to the following agencies and programs in the following amounts:

Table 1: CDBG-CV Agencies

Emergency Rental Assistance

Agency Program Amount
Housing Channel Emergency rental assistance $ 700,000
Center for Transforming Lives Emergency rental assistance $1,006,358
Pathfinders, Inc. Emergency Rental Assistance $ 375,000
Tarrant County Samaritan Housing Emergency Rental Assistance $ 200,000
The Salvation Army Emergency Rental Assistance $ 250,000
Total Emergency Rental Assistance Contracts $2,531,358

Services for the Elderly

Agency Program Amount
Meals on Wheels Senior Meals Delivery Program $ 200,000
Sixty and Better Home Delivery of Meals/Food $ 300,000

Employment-Related Services

Agency Program Amount
Center for Transforming Lives Micro-Enterprise Support $ 121,754
Presbyterian Night Shelter Clean Slate Employment Services $ 160,000
Recovery Resource Council Clean Slate Employment Services Veterans $ 54,900
The Women's Center of Tarrant County Employment RElated Services $ 120,221
Total Employment-Related Services Contracts $ 456,875
Total CDBG-CV Contracts $3,488,233


CARES Act Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG-CV)

ESG-CV funds totaling $2,202,959 will be allocated as follows:

  • Homelessness Prevention: $75,000
    These funds were awarded to an agency that administers homelessness prevention services to help clients maintain housing stability, including payment of rental arrears and late fees, staff case management and intake worker salaries, and related costs.
  • Shelter Operations/Services: $350,000
    These funds were awarded to agencies operating homeless shelters for the costs of staff for operations, including housing assessors and case managers; cost of child care, employment assistance, mental health services not available through other resources, client transportation, and related services provided within an emergency homeless shelter. Also includes costs of physically maintaining and operating a homeless shelter, including insurance, supplies, and security costs.
  • Rapid Re-Housing: $1,100,000
    These funds were awarded to agencies that provide rapid rehousing assistance and accompanying services to homeless persons living in shelters or on the streets.
  • Administration: $220,295
    Costs of planning for, administering, reporting on and monitoring all activities paid for with ESG-CV funds.

Table 2: ESG-CV Agencies

Homelessness Prevention

Agency Program Amount
Salvation Army Homelessness Prevention $ 75,000
Total Shelter Operation/Services Contracts $ 75,000

Shelter Operations

Agency Program Amount
Prebyterian Night Shelter Shelter Operations/Services $ 230,000
True Worth Police Day Shelter Operations/Services $ 120,000
Total Shelter Operations/Services Contracts $350,000

Rapid Re-Housing

Agency Program Amount
Center for Transforming Lives Rapid Re-Housing $ 257,664
Day Resource Center Rapid Re-Housing $ 375,000
Presbyterian Night Shelter Rapid Re-Housing $ 500,000
SafeHaven of Tarrant County Rapid Re-Housing $ 100,000
The Salvation Army Rapid Re-Housing $ 325,000
Total Rapid Re-Housing Contracts <="" td="" > $1,557,664
Total ESG_CV Contracts $1,982,664


CARES Act Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA-CV)

HOPWA-CV funds totaling $246,806 will be allocated as follows:

  • City of Fort Worth Neighborhood Services Department: $77,332
    Community Action Partners (CAP) Program, Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)
  • Grant Administration: $14,808
    Costs of planning for, administering, reporting on and monitoring all activities paid for with HOPWA-CV funds.
  • Direct Awards to Public Service Agencies
    Contracts are recommended for the following agencies and programs in the following amounts:

Table 3: HOPWA-CV Agencies

Agency Program Amount
Tarrant County Samaritan Housing, Inc. Supportive services, facility-based housing
operations, administration
$ 77,333
AIDS Outreach Center Short-term rent mortgage and utility assistance,
supportive services, administration
$ 77,333
Total HOPWA-CV Contracts $ 154,666


Other CARES Act funding for housing will be made available through partner agencies in October.