Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

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Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) is an IRS-supported, free income tax preparation program for low- to moderate-income individuals and families. Community volunteers, certified by the IRS, help taxpayers prepare their tax returns at no cost and make sure they claim valuable tax credits for which they’re eligible, including the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC).

VITA helps taxpayers who make less than $60,000 per year and need to file a return for the prior or current tax year.

VITA helps individuals keep more of their hard-earned money and brings millions of dollars back into the local economy through refunds and tax credits.

There are three ways to apply for VITA services: in-person at select locations, curbside drop-off and online.


Curbside Drop-off Service

Curbside drop-off allows taxpayers to drop off their tax documents beginning in early January at a choice of several VITA locations. Schedule a drop-off appointment by calling 817-475-7219.

Taxpayers will be given a cell phone number to call upon arrival. Remain in your vehicle at all times; no one will be allowed inside facilities to wait. A staff member will come to your vehicle, copy your documents and return them to you. No originals will be kept 


Online Tax Assistance Program 

Apply for VITA Online Tax Assistance 

Who is eligible to use the VITA Online Tax Assistance Program?

  • Taxpayers who make less than $60,000 per year.
  • Individuals who are filing their current year taxes

Who is NOT eligible to use the VITA Online Tax Assistance Program?

  • Taxpayers who use the Married Filing Separately Status.
  • Taxpayers who have rental income.

What technology will I need for the VITA Online Tax Assistance Program?

You will need to complete the required forms using a smartphone or computer. You will need access to the internet, as well as a working phone number and email address. You may scan or photograph documents with a smartphone camera to email them to VITA@fortworthtexas.gov.

How long will the process take?

Give yourself at least 30 minutes to complete the required forms (13614-C and 14446). Additional time will vary depending on how many documents you need to scan/photograph and email to VITA. A tax preparer and reviewer could take up to an hour with you by phone depending on the complexity of the return.

What will I need for my VITA Online Tax Assistance Program phone appointment?

Have with you all relevant tax forms and receipts for the prior or current year, Social Security numbers for yourself, spouse and any dependents. If you think you’ll receive a refund, please also have your bank account information on hand.

Is it safe to email my information to VITA?

VITA best practices for security include:

  • An encrypted email system to process your return.
  • Secure online software called Taxslayer, which provides multiple security measures such as multi-factor authentication and reCaptcha during log-in.
  • VITA ensures that clients’ data is wiped clean within 24 hours of completing the final tax return.

Where’s my refund?

If you haven’t received your refund yet, go to the IRS website and use the Where’s My Refund tool. You will need to know your social security number, filing status and refund amount.

Where can I get a copy of my tax return transcript or tax account transcript?

You can obtain a free copy by either ordering your transcript online, calling the IRS Transcript Order Line at 1-800-908-9946, or printing and filling out Form 4506-T before mailing or faxing it to the address listed on the form.