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See how property tax dollars are spent in the City of Fort Worth

The Budget and Research division provides information, analysis and other tools to facilitate decision making for optimum financial planning and management in keeping with the strategic goals and priorities as defined by the City Council.

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City Budgets


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5-Year Capital Improvement Plan

FY2021-2025 CIP(PDF, 4MB)

FY2020-2024 CIP(PDF, 3MB)

FY2019-2023 CIP(PDF, 4MB)

FY2018-2022 CIP(PDF, 13MB)

Other Information

Additional Financial Reports

View the 2020 Tax Notice(PDF, 55KB)

FY2020 Annual Budget Ordinance(PDF, 342KB)

FY2020 Annual Ad Valorem Tax Rate Ordinance(PDF, 182KB)