Draft 2023 Comprehensive Plan

The Draft 2023 Comprehensive Plan is scheduled for consideration and public hearing before the City Plan Commission on January 25, 2023.  If the Commission votes to recommend adoption of the plan, the City Council will hold a public hearing on the plan and consider adopting the 2023 Comprehensive Plan in March, tentatively scheduled for March 21,2023. For more information, please contact longrangeplanning@fortworthtexas.gov.

Table of Contents

Introduction(PDF, 4MB)

Part 1: Focusing on the Future

1. Population Trends(PDF, 3MB)

2. Economic Trends(PDF, 5MB)

3. Financial Trends(PDF, 3MB)

Part 2: Building Strong Neighborhoods

4. Land Use(PDF, 27MB)

5. Housing(PDF, 8MB)

6. Parks & Recreation(PDF, 5MB)

7. Libraries(PDF, 4MB)

8. Human Services(PDF, 4MB)

9. Neighborhood Capacity(PDF, 5MB)

Part 3: Developing a Sound Economy

10. Economic Development(PDF, 6MB)

11. Transportation(PDF, 6MB)

12.Education(PDF, 6MB)

13. Historic Preservation(PDF, 3MB)

14. Urban Design(PDF, 3MB)

15. Arts & Culture(PDF, 8MB)

Part 4: Providing a Safe Community

16. Police Services(PDF, 3MB)

17. Fire & Emergency Services(PDF, 7MB)

18. Water Supply & Environmental Quality(PDF, 9MB)

19. Public Health(PDF, 6MB)

20. Municipal Facilities(PDF, 3MB)

Part 5: Tools for Implementation

21. Capital Improvements(PDF, 1MB)

22. Development Regulations(PDF, 4MB)

23. Financial Incentives(PDF, 3MB)

24. Annexations(PDF, 723KB)

25. Intergovernmental Cooperation(PDF, 3MB)