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2022 Classes & Events Schedule 

Fort Worth Water and its partners have put together an exciting new calendar of educational classes, workshops and events for 2022. YardSmart continues, Water Saving Seminars introduce new topics, TRWD offers virtual irrigation basics and the Fort Worth Library is helping us bring Your Better Yard, Irrigation 101, and four other classes out to regional libraries around the city.

See the entire list of classes and events and get registered in the Classes & Events section below. 



Classes & Events - 2022

Fort Worth Water and its partners offer a variety of classes to help you improve water efficiency while maintaining beautiful and healthy landscaping and gardens.

Water Saving Seminars

Using less water is not only good for the environment; it is also great for saving money on your water bill. The seminar series, taught by experts from Rooted In, covers a wide variety of landscape and gardening topics each year. Fort Worth Water Conservation staff attend each seminar in case you have questions about Fort Worth outdoor watering requirements and conservation programs.

Classes are at 6 p.m. at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT), 1700 University Drive.   

Class content descriptions are available at the registration links. All classes are taught by instructors from Rooted In.

Registration for each class begins one month prior to the class date.

 Date  Topic  Registration Links
 February 10, 2022   Landscape Design Basics Register.
 March 10, 2022  FoodScaping: Eat the Yard  Register.
 April 14, 2022  Sprinkler Systems 101 Register.
 May 12, 2022  Plant Combos & Companions Register.
 June 9, 2022  Houseplant "Horti-couture" Register.
 July 14, 2022  Sprinkler System 201 Register.
 August 11, 2022  Native Plant Design Register
 September 8, 2022  Dig Into Composting Register.
 October  13, 2022  Wildlife Friendly Landscapes Register.


TRWD Irrigation 101 Workshops

Fort Worth Water and Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) hold virtual sprinkler do-it-yourself workshops to help you get your sprinkler system up and running at maximum efficiency. An efficient system saves water and helps keep your water bill lower during those hot summer months. 

Attend one of these identical free workshops to learn more about system parts, how to determine how much water your system uses, program your controller, adjust sprinkler heads, check your system for leaks, check for uneven coverage and make easy DIY repairs.  A special emphasis in these classes will be regulating water pressure in your system to improve efficiency.

These virtual workshops begin at 6 p.m. on the dates below. The one-hour class is taught by irrigation expert Dr. Dotty Woodson. Stick around after the presentation for a live Q & A session. 

January 15, 2022           Register for the virtual workshop. After registering, check your email for instructions to join the live virtual event.

February 15, 2022         Register for the virtual workshop. After registering, check your email for instructions to join the live virtual event. 

Visit to learn about other events sponsored by TRWD.   


YardSmart Conferences

YardSmart is designed to provide effective, beneficial ways to use water wisely in the landscape. Topics vary by season and have included butterfly gardening, landscape watering, container gardens, perennials, trees, rainwater harvesting, edibles, lawn care and much more. This conference is offered each spring and fall.

Yard Smart Conferences are held at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, 3220 Botanic Garden Blvd.


Saturday, March 5, 2022 

More information will be coming soon. 


Date to be announced in early spring.


Fort Worth Library Water Conservation Series

Fort Worth Water, Fort Worth Public Library, Tarrant Regional Water District and Rooted In have teamed up to bring a series of water conservation classes to various libraries around the city. 

All classes are from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. All classes are taught by instructors from Rooted In

Registration is not required for these classes - just join us at the library branch.

Your Better Yard Series

March 12, 2022         Your Better Yard (Part 1)         

Southwest Regional Library, 4001 Library Ln.

March 19, 2022         Your Better Yard (part 2)         

Golden Triangle Library, 4264 Golden Triangle Blvd.

This two-workshop series will examine the eight types of landscape lifestyles (4 in each session) and provide tips to help make you make your preferred landscape fit your lifestyle.

To help homeowners enhance their landscapes with water-saving techniques and technologies that fit their lifestyles and yard type, the EPA WaterSense® program has created the Your Better Yard campaign. Your Better Yard starts with the premise that making yards more attractive and functional can also save water, money and time with the right WaterSense®-labeled products and water-saving techniques included in homeowners’ landscape and irrigation plans. Fort Worth Water Conservation and the Fort Worth Public Library are collaborating to bring you a virtual two-part workshop taught by regional experts from Rooted In. 

Sprinkler Spruce Up

April 9, 2022              Sprinkler Spruce Up                         

Southwest Regional Library, 4001 Library Ln.

April 16, 2022            Sprinkler Spruce Up                        

Golden Triangle Library, 4264 Golden Triangle Blvd. 

The information at each session is identical"Water" you doing to set your landscape up for success? Save water, money and time by giving your sprinkler system a “Spruce Up” during EPA WaterSense Sprinkler Spruce Up Month.  Learn how minor do-it-yourself repairs and simple irrigation tips can make a MAJOR impact on the health of your landscape and your water bill. If you have questions about your controller or how much your lawn and landscape really need, we have a stream of info to get your plants looking their best! 

Water Efficient Landscaping Classes

May 14, 2022              Lawn Care: Green with Envy       

Summerglen Library, 4205 Basswood Blvd. 

Revitalize your turf with a simple, effective approach to lawn maintenance. You will learn the best lawn care methods, efficient watering techniques, plus simple fertilizer, and pesticide application to reduce pest issues. We will help you create a lush and healthy lawn that will make your neighbors green with envy! 

June 11, 2022             Cool Off with Shade Gardening   

East Regional Library, 6301 Bridge St.    

Does your landscape have problem areas where nothing seems to grow? Do you have mature trees and areas where your turf is receding? Are your trees throwing shade?  Do not accept being shaded out. Instead, take advantage of these cooler landscape areas! Learn about the many native and adapted plants that not only survive, but also thrive, in shadier spots-- along with tips and tricks to create beautiful shade gardens that beat the Texas heat. We will also cover gardening under mature trees as well as turf alternatives and hardscape options for low-light areas.

October 8, 2022        Butterfly Gardening                       

Ridglea Library (outdoors), 3628 Bernie Anderson Ave.  

Are you interested in butterfly gardening-- but have just been winging it?! Butterflies are welcomed visitors that bring our landscapes to life with activity in addition helping to pollinate our favorite plants. Learn easy and practical tips to create butterfly habitat in your landscape. We will also cover resources for selecting the right plants as host species for caterpillars. In addition, you will learn all about our favorite native and adapted flowers that provide long lasting blooms as nectar sources to help your garden take flight! 

November 12, 2022    Trees for Texas 

Northwest Library, 6228 Crystal Lake Dr.  

Trees are without a doubt, our most valuable landscape investment, but sometimes their care can leaf folks confused. Branch out and join us to learn tips on tree selection, proper planting practices, as well as proper watering, pruning, common insect issues and diseases. Whether you are interested in trees for their ornamental value for your property, their contribution to energy and water savings at your home or business, or the many other ecosystem services they provide, it is covered in the canopy of this class!


Other Educational Opportunities

Speakers Bureau

 When you turn on your tap for a drink of water, to take a shower or wash clothes, you take for granted that water will flow. Water is a precious natural resource that cannot be manufactured. It is important that we know how we can preserve and conserve it for now and future generations.

The Speakers Bureau provides an educational forum to heighten the awareness of water conservation and water quality issues. We provide speakers for neighborhood associations, churches, schools or social organizations at no charge. Request a Speaker.

Learning about Water at Home

Fort Worth Water has created a compilation of lesson plans and resources about water for parents and children learning together or teachers looking for lessons to supplement classroom curriculum. Lesson plans have been created by respected organization in the water field.

Download the Resource Guide.(PDF, 3MB) Fort Worth Water has a certified teacher on staff to support you if needed. 

Irrigation System Video Series

Fort Worth Water has partnered with Rooted In to create a series of videos to help you understand your irrigation system. Irrigation system use can make up as much as 50-70% of your summer water usage, resulting in high bills.

Watching these videos, reviewing the information in the Outdoors Tab and signing up for Classes & Events can help you use your sprinklers effectively and efficiently to maintain a beautiful landscape while saving water and money all year long.

VIDEO ONE: Sprinkler System Parts & Components

VIDEO TWO: Irrigation Controller Basics

VIDEO THREE: Irrigation Best Management Practices

VIDEO FOUR: Irrigation Quick Fixes

VIDEO FIVE: Drip System Conversions

VIDEO SIX: Cycle and Soak Irrigation

VIDEO SEVEN: Tips for a Healthy TX Landscape

VIDEO EIGHT: Winterizing Your Irrigation System (Coming Soon!)

Fort Worth Water is committed to water efficiency and conservation strategies that reduce water use and waste to help extend the life of existing water supplies and keep clean, safe water affordable for all residents.

The Water Conservation Plan goals are:

  • To reduce water consumption from the levels that would prevail without conservation efforts.
  •  To reduce the loss and waste of water.
  • To improve efficiency in the use of water.
  • To encourage efficient outdoor water use.
  • To document the level of recycling and reuse in the water supply.
  • To extend the life of current water supplies by reducing the rate of growth in demand.

Part of the conservation plan includes setting goals for reducing water consumption.  The 2019 Water Conservation Plan's gallons per capita per day (gpcd) goals are shown below. Weather plays a major factor in water use, and can cause significant variations in water use from one year to the next. To smooth out the impacts of weather changes, Fort Worth uses a five-year running average to determine goals and track progress. 

Water use goals

Description  2020 Actual 2024 Goal  2029 Goal
 Total Gallons per Person per Day (Total Gallons in System ÷ Permanent Population ÷ 365)  152 140 136
 Residential Gallons per Person per Day (Gallons Used for Residential Use ÷ Residential Population ÷ 365)  71 66 58


Alliance for Water Efficiency

The Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) is a voice and a platform for water use efficiency and water conservation; bringing a critical perspective to an increasingly thirsty North America.

AWE is a partnership of organizations and professionals changing the way people think about water. Driven by a belief that using water efficiently saves money, preserves the environment, and helps communities thrive, AWE work to achieve sustainable water use. Since day one, AWE has embarked to support and enhance water conservation efforts, providing benefit to water utilities, water conservation professionals, planners, regulators, and consumers. Success comes with help of members and partners, including Fort Worth Water. Learn more.


Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) & Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

BRIT supports botanical solutions to address globally challenging problems ranging from pollution clean-up to sustainable food sources. By serving as a think tank and catalyst, BRIT inspires learning and forms interdisciplinary collaborations for critical research within scientific, educational, social, cultural, and business communities. Their work impacts our community and the world in a number of functional areas including, environment, by giving people a local sense of stewardship; society, by training a new generation of thinkers and problem solvers; and conservation, by offering methods for better stewardship of the land. Read more.

As of October 1, 2020, BRIT will manage the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. Both institutions host Fort Worth Water events and classes. In 2021, BRIT will offer six new classes for adults and families for Fort Worth residents.


Rooted In

Fort Worth Water collaborates with Rooted In to provide education and outreach classes. Through education, conservation, and community collaboration, Rooted In’s innovative and knowledgeable horticulture and conservation specialists offer a holistic, science-based approach to meeting the demands of an ever-changing Texas landscape and help your projects take root.


EPA WaterSense

EPA is building WaterSense as a national brand for water efficiency. That brand is more than just a product label; it is a symbol representing the importance of water efficiency in the United States.  Making WaterSense labeled products, new homes, and services the preferred choice among consumers will help preserve water supplies for future generations, save on utility bills, and protect the environment.

EPA cannot achieve these goals alone. Fort Worth Water is proud to be part of a partnership program to share resources and encourage the adoption of water-efficient behaviors and quality products that use less water. Fort Worth Water participates in WaterSense public education and outreach campaigns. Learn more about WaterSense.


Keep Fort Worth Beautiful

Keep Fort Worth Beautiful (KFWB) is an award-winning affiliate of Keep America Beautiful that has served our community for more than 40 years. Its mission is to educate and engage Fort Worth residents and businesses to take responsibility for improving their community environment. Read more.

KFWB and Fort Worth Water partner to promote events and volunteer opportunities that help protect and beautify the local environment. 


North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG)

Working together with over 230 member governments including 16 counties, numerous cities, school districts, and special districts, the NCTCOG Environment & Development Department (E&D) guides and promotes collaboration among public entities to progressively address common environmental issues and development challenges facing them due to our region’s rapid growth and urbanization. To accomplish our goals, E&D has six strategic initiatives for Sustainable Environmental Excellence: Materials Management, Natural Resources, Public Works, Regional Codes, Watershed Management, and Development Excellence. Read more.

Fort Worth Water staff serve on committees and task forces to help design collaborative public education and outreach that promote water efficiency and conservation, as well as work to protect the water sources and water quality of the entire region. Familiar programs include Doo the Right Thing pet waste disposal and Defend the Drains fats, oils and grease disposal campaigns.


Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD)

TRWD provides raw water to more than 30 wholesale customers in 11 North Texas counties.

With more than two million people in the district’s rapidly growing service area, their mission is to ensure residents and businesses have a safe, reliable water supply that meets their needs today and for decades to come. Primary wholesale customers include the cities of Arlington, Fort Worth and Mansfield and the Trinity River Authority. Read more.

TRWD has two other websites with valuable information about water efficiency and water conservation. and offer information and education about saving and protecting water, including classes, events, weekly watering advice, and more. Download the TRWD 2022 Learn and Grow(PDF, 2MB) class schedule. See past presentations on the TRWD Save Tarrant Water YouTube channel

Fort Worth Water partners with TRWD on YardSmart, Weekly Watering Advice, irrigation system evaluations and other classes and events.