List of Boards & Commissions

1. Overview

3. Animal Shelter Task Force

On November 17, 2015, the Fort Worth City Council approved a resolution to create an Animal Shelter Task Force, an independent body of experts that will look into the operations of the Fort Worth Animal Shelter.

The task force has reviewed operations and adherence of procedures and laws from December and March. A final report was presented during the Pre-Council Work Session March 22, 2016, and City Council will consider a resolution to accept the report at its meeting April 5, scheduled for 7 p.m.

The task force was comprised of:

  • Charles Daniels, former Fort Worth and Dallas assistant city manager
  • Max Dow, director of Texas Animal Health Commission Region 3
  • James Bias, president of SPCA of Texas
  • Dustin Deel, director of the Weatherford-Parker County Animal Shelter
  • Patrice Randle, city auditor and a non-voting member.



Monthly ACC Report

The monthly Code Report includes Animal Care & Control code reports and additional public service code reports.

(PDF, 2MB)

(PDF, 1MB) View past Code Reports


Ordinance Review

Code Compliance is in the process of reviewing animal ordinances.






Chuck Silcox Animal Care & Adoption Center
4900 Martin St.
Fort Worth, TX 76119

Assistant Director:
Dr. Tim Morton




5. Audit Committee

This committee will provide oversight responsibilities for financial matters and internal and external audits.


Meeting Information

Meets first Tuesday of each month at 11 a.m. 

Staff Liaison

Patrice Randle, City Auditor

Legal Liaison

Denis McElroy

Staff Support

Brian Burkland, Assistant City Auditor
Joanna Ramirez

13. City Charter Review Task Force

Charter Election May 7, 2016 Learn more about the charter election.

The Fort Worth City Council established the City Charter Review Task Force July 28, 2015, (Resolution 4493-07-2015PDF File) to recommend updates to the existing charter ahead of a proposed charter election in May 2016.

Though given a special legislature charter in 1873, the city's first home rule charter was adopted in 1924, establishing the City Council/City Manager form of government Fort Worth uses today. The charter has been amended 13 times since adoption, most recently in 2006.

Scope of City Charter Review

The Charter Review Task Force has been charged with considering major issues identified by City Council, in addition to technical amendments identified by city staff.

Major issues include consideration of longer terms of office, staggered terms instead of concurrent terms, compensation of the mayor and council members and the number council members/districts.

Technical amendments before the committee include reorganization of chapters and sections into more logical order, ensuring compliance with election provisions of state law and revision/deletion of archaic language and unused provisions.

View the Charter(PDF, 462KB)


1 (Chair) Dionne Bagsby
1 Pete Geren
1 Henry Borbolla
2 Carlos Flores
3 Julie Miers
4 Keith Shankland
5 Bert Williams
6 Lu Moskowitz
7 Mike Holt
8 Danny Scarth
9 Mike Coffey

Meeting Documents


Give your feedback online at , or attend one of the scheduled public meetings.


Scheduled Meetings

No meetings scheduled.

View the full city calendar.



21. Development Advisory Committee

The formation of a standing Development Advisory Committee was recommended by the Process Improvement Committee of the Development Standards Task Force. The standing committee is charged with monitoring the development process and making further recommendations to the City Manager.


Term length
2 years

Method of Appointment
Members of the Development Advisory Committee are appointed by the City Manager.

Authority for Creation and Operation
The Committee was created via IR8555.


Name Organization
Mark Allen Allen Land Development
Tyler Arbogast FWHS
Bill Ayer GFWAR 
Jack Baxley Texo Construction Association
Jason Baxter Fort Capital
Don Boren Fort Worth Plan Commission
Nolan Bradshaw Cornerstone
Mike Brennan Near Southside Inc.
Thad Brundrett Brundrett's Development Strategies
Ben Clark D.R. Horton
Travis Clegg FWBA
Kim Cole Logistics Property Company, LLC
Jeff Davis Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee
Rusty Fuller North Fort Worth Alliance
Tom Galbreath Fort Worth Real Estate Council
Jesse Gober Fort Worth Zoning Commission
Bowie Holland Empire Roofing
Bob Kelly Robert W. Kelly, Architects Inc.
Melissa Konur Downtown Fort Worth Inc.
Bob Madeja GFWBA
Drew Martin  DM2, LLC
Bob Mathei XTO Gas
Andre McEwing FWBCC
Jace Motheral LIA Engineering
Paxton Motheral Cassco Development Co.
Oscar Oaxaca FWHCC
Paul Padilla Multatech
Don Perfect Oncor
Phillip Poole TownSite Co.
Mark Presswood Panther Real Estate Solutions
Bob Riley FWCBOA
Joe Schneider Hillwood Development
Chris Strayer FWCC
Charles Bailey Team Ellis & Tinsley, Inc.
Bo Trainer FWBA
Boothe Ray Emeratius 
Nicol Lee Emeratius
Parker Fred Emeratius
Shefield Gary Emeratius

Meeting Information

This committee meets at 2 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month.

No meeting dates posted.

Staff Liaison

For questions, inquiries or suggestions about the activity report or process improvements, contact the Development Advisory Committee.

D.J. Harrell, Director Development Services

Development Activity Reports


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    25. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Committee

    This committee will focus on entrepreneurship, small business growth, Covid-19 recovery, Minority/Women-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) expansion.


    Committee Members

    Meeting Information

    Meets second Tuesday of each month at 3 p.m.


    Staff Liaison


    Staff Support


    Legal Support


    34. Lake Worth Regional Coordination Committee

    The Lake Worth Regional Coordination Committee (LWRCC) provides advice as requested to the City Council and other decision-making bodies regarding growth and development in the Lake Worth watershed. The committee includes representatives from the City of Fort Worth, surrounding jurisdictions, watershed neighborhood leaders, major property owners and nonprofit stakeholders. The committee meets quarterly or on an ad hoc basis.

    Dennis Shingleton, Council Member, City of Fort Worth, Chairman

    Local Government

    • City of Fort Worth
    • City of Lake Worth
    • Town of Lakeside
    • Tarrant County
    • Parker County
    • Tarrant Regional Water District

    Lakeshore Neighborhood Leaders

    • East Lake Worth Neighborhood Association
    • Neighborhood Association on South Lake Worth
    • North Lake Worth Neighborhood Association
    • Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association
    • City of Lake Worth neighborhood representatives

    Major Property Owners

    • Hickman Investment, Ltd.
    • Cassco Land Co. Inc.
    • XTO Energy Inc.

    Nonprofit and Development Stakeholders

    • Streams and Valleys Inc.
    • Friends of the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge Inc.
    • Greater Fort Worth Real Estate Council
    • Development Advisory Committee

    Ex Officio

    • Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base
    • Environment & Development Department, North Central Texas Council of Governments

    Agendas & Updates


    35. Legislative & Intergovernmental Affairs Committee

    This committee will provide oversight responsibilities for the federal and state legislative issues, board and commission appointments and intergovernmental relations.


    Meeting Information

    Meets third Tuesday of each month at 11 a.m.  


    Staff Liaison

    TJ Patterson, Manager Legislative Affairs

    Legal Liaison

    Denis McElroy

    Staff Support

    Evonia Daniels

    38. Mobility: Infrastructure & Transportation Committee

    This committee will provide oversight responsibilities for airports, water and sewer issues, transportation issues, capital improvement projects, the master thoroughfare plan, annexation and transit planning.


    Meeting Information

    Meets second Tuesday of each month at 1 p.m


    Staff Liaison


    Legal Liaison


    Staff Support


    39. Neighborhood Quality & Revitalization Committee

    This committee will focus on neighborhood services, parks, libraries,public health,environment, city partnerships in education.

    Committee Members

    Meeting Information

    Meets second Tuesday of each month at 2 p.m.


    Staff Liaison


    Staff Support


    Legal Support


    42. Trinity Metro Board of Directors (formally Fort Worth Transportation Authority)