Freezing weather irrigation alert

Published on November 30, 2020

Icy surface with irrigation freeze alert text.

Temperatures are falling below freezing – it’s time to turn off your sprinklers and winterize your irrigation system and landscape.

Fort Worth Water provided these tips for residential and commercial properties:

  • Make sure your rain and freeze sensors are working to prevent sprinklers from running during rain events or when temperatures fall below freezing. Freeze sensors help prevent safety hazards on roads and sidewalks due to ice buildup.
  • Turn off your irrigation controller through March. Bermuda grass is dormant and doesn’t need water during the winter. Landscape plants can be hand watered if needed.
  • Water left in the pipes of your irrigation system can freeze, causing damage. Be sure to winterize by turning off the water and draining water from the system.
  • Consider insulation for backflow preventers and valves if they are above ground.

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