Vaccination clinic at Texas Motor Speedway reopens Wednesday

Published on February 23, 2021

lines of cars in the TMS parking lot

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Denton County Public Health’s drive-thru vaccination clinics at Texas Motor Speedway will reopen on Wednesday, Feb. 24 following the inclement weather closures last week.

Denton County Public Health is prioritizing second-dose appointments to ensure those who are due their second dose will be vaccinated before new first-dose recipients. The availability of second-dose appointments is limited by the manufacturer as the county awaits additional shipments of vaccines.

Denton County Public Health will send appointments to Moderna first-dose recipients from Jan. 20, and Pfizer first-dose recipients from Jan. 29, Feb. 4 and Feb. 5. Once additional vaccine shipments arrive, additional second-dose appointments to Moderna recipients from Jan. 22 and Jan. 27 will be issued. Denton County will vaccinate Moderna recipients from Jan. 29 early the following week, with appointments sent two to three days ahead of the appointment date.

“Even though both the Centers for Disease Control and the Department of State Health Services advise second doses can be given up to six weeks after the first doses, we are hoping to quickly vaccinate those due this past week and those due this coming week,” said Dr. Matt Richardson, Denton County Public Health director.

Denton County Public Health will resume first-dose appointments the week of March 1 using the Vaccine Interest Portal waitlist in the order of signup. Vaccination clinics are by appointment only, and those without appointments will not be vaccinated. You do not have to live in Denton County to register and be considered for a vaccine at the TMS site. However, you must register with the Denton County registration system. For a second-dose appointment, patients must bring their QR code information to be admitted to the vaccination site.

To learn more call 940-349-2585.

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