Tips for detecting a water leak at your home

Published on February 08, 2021

an infographic sharing water leak tips

If you think you have a water leak, Fort Worth wants to help you find it.

The city’s water conservation staff has posted online a checklist to search on your own before calling a plumber. It only takes a few minutes to complete.

Many common household leaks are quick to find and easy to fix. Doing so can save money on your water bill.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 10% of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons a day or more.

The water utility has started notifying customers with a new water meter that the meter is registering continuous water use for 72 hours or more. This may mean there is a private plumbing leak.

Those notifications will continue as data becomes available under the MyH2O program. Customers will be able see their water use once the customer portal becomes available in the coming months.

Checking your utility bill, conducting a toilet dye test, and checking under sinks, on walls, ceilings and floors for water damage are among the many indoor recommendations.

Outside, check the hose bib for drips and turn on the sprinkler system to look for broken, missing or misaligned spray heads.

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