Classes, online tools help with spring yard cleanup

Published on March 01, 2021

a gloved hand moving mulch

Early spring is the right time to get your landscape ready for the year. A spring cleanup includes removing leaves, weeds and plant debris, mulching and applying appropriate lawn fertilization.

What else should you do? What do you need to trim? When and what should you plant? What should you do with your sprinkler system? There is so much to do and learn, and Fort Worth Water can help.

Take classes to learn more:

  • Spring Clean Up virtual water saving seminar on March 11.
  • Virtual Irrigation 101 workshops on March 16 and April 13.
  • Turf and Irrigation Maintenance virtual water saving seminar on April 8.

Get more great tools:

  • Sign up for the Weekly Watering Advice to find out how much water your lawn needs with a weekly email or text.
  • Use the irrigation calculator tools to estimate how much water you are using when watering
  • Check out the tips section to save water and money outdoors and with your pool.

Register for classes and get all the tools online.