Fort Worth Water offering storm-related bill credits

Published on March 09, 2021

Understanding the impact of February’s harsh winter storm, Fort Worth Water is automatically making credits to some upcoming bills to help customers recover. Some customers will see late fees waived.

The utility is adjusting how it calculates the winter quarter average that sets residential sewer billing for the year, which is typically done in March and starts with the April bill.

Generally, the monthly fee is the average of water used in December, January and February. Because many customers were dripping faucets to prevent freezing pipes or experienced burst pipes, the water utility will not include the amount of water households used during the storm in the calculation.

There is no action is required by customers.

Also, the utility is adjusting the water volume portion of residential bills as a storm recovery credit. The automatic credit applies to customers who have higher than average water use Feb. 15-28, 2021. Customers will be billed for actual water usage during the storm period. The credit will be applied to the following bill.

The credit amount will be based on the cost of a customer’s water usage for the same billing period in 2020. If this year’s usage is higher than 2020, a bill credit will be issued for the difference. Customers not seeing an increase in water use during the period will not see a credit.

Fort Worth Water is waiving late fees on bills that were due between Feb. 15-28, 2021, because it was difficult to pay in person and mail delivery was halted during the storm.

In addition, the storm may have created or made worse existing water leaks. That impact may be reflected in a customer’s water use beyond a single billing period. Customers may be eligible for a water leak repair adjustment. If qualified, a credit equal to 50% of the difference above average water use will be applied to the account.

Instructions and a leak repair adjustment application are online. Completed applications can be returned by email, fax at 817-392-8137 or mail: Fort Worth Water, Attn: Water Bill Adjustment, P.O. Box 870, Fort Worth, TX 76102.


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