On multiple vaccine signup lists? Here’s how to handle it

Published on April 08, 2021

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As part of efforts to get their name added to a COVID-19 registration database, some people may have registered on more than one site, and perhaps even in more than one county.

With more doses of vaccine heading to Tarrant County and more private firms like retail pharmacies and primary care physicians providing shots, people are getting called more quickly these days.

Don’t worry, it’s perfectly acceptable to register at multiple sites. Take the first vaccine that’s offered to you.

But what happens when you do get your COVID-19 shot? Does your name remain on all of the other registries you’ve signed on to?

In Tarrant County, residents who choose to remove their names from the registry can do so online by selecting the “self service/status check” icon in the upper righthand corner of the webpage, then choose the “Cancel” option. (This is also where people can check to make sure they are listed on the registry and reschedule an appointment.)

People who did not use an email address when registering can call the COVID-19 call center at 817-248-6299 or email to request assistance.



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