Know your flood risks before you go

Published on May 18, 2021

a image representation of the high water flasher similar to a light pole

Fort Worth has installed high-water warning flashers at some of the most dangerous road flooding areas. When you see lights flashing, follow these simple safety rules:

  • Turn around; the roadway is closed because water is over the road.
  • Never drive around barricades. Water on the roadway can be much deeper than it appears, and water levels can rise quickly.
  • If lights are not flashing and water is over the road, do not drive through water. The best warning system is common sense.
  • Check the real-time status of high-water warning flasher locations. 

If you have questions or concerns about drainage issues, use the MyFW app to report flooding or clogged storm drain inlets. Contact the City Call Center at 817- 392-1234 or email the Stormwater Division.



Photo: Roadside flashers are installed at 52 locations to immediately warn drivers of a flood hazard.



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