Annual drinking water quality report now available

Published on June 02, 2021

the cover of the water quality report

You don’t know Juan Ramirez, Nicolas Jackson and Tyler Horton, but they think about you all the time.

They help operate Fort Worth’s five drinking water treatment plants and are among a diverse and dedicated group of hundreds of water utility employees who make sure clean water gets to homes and businesses every day.

Growing up, Ramirez, Jackson and Horton dreamed of being a firefighter, athlete and pilot. Little did they know their actual career choices would touch the daily lives of more than 1.3 million people.

“It is purposeful work. I like the science behind it and all the good it does,” Horton said.

Jackson said the best thing about his job is that he gets to make a difference by making water safe.

Ramirez, a former welder, said he never realized what it takes to make water drinkable until he started working for the water utility.

To learn more about the water coming out of your faucets and the city’s efforts to protect the water supply, review Fort Worth’s annual drinking water quality report. It is available online in PDF format in both English and Spanish. 

The report contains information on what’s in the water, how substances may get into the water and the sources for our drinking water. The report also has information about the city’s efforts to eliminate lead service lines and other efforts to protect the environment.

To obtain a printed copy, email your name and address or call 817-392-4477. Speakers are also available to meet with groups in-person or online to discuss the report.



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