Winterize your sprinkler system now

Published on November 01, 2021

a house with frost in the front lawn and the words Save Water

When temperatures begin to dip below freezing, it’s time to winterize irrigation systems and landscapes. Some handy pointers:

  • Install or repair rain/freeze sensors to prevent sprinklers from running when temperatures fall near or below freezing. Ice buildup on roads and sidewalks due to irrigation runoff is a safety hazard.
  • Turn off the irrigation controller from November through March. Bermuda grass is dormant and does not need much water during the winter. Landscape plants can be hand watered as needed. The Weekly Watering Advice can help you determine if you need to water.
  • Winter quarter water use average determines your annual wastewater charges. Not irrigating during the winter can save money all year long.
  • If you have not over seeded Bermuda with rye grass, save water and money by not doing it. It can stress the Bermuda now and in the spring and will require watering and mowing all winter.
  • Water left in the pipes of irrigation systems can freeze, causing damage. Turn off the water and drain the system to prepare for low temperatures.
  • Insulate irrigation backflow preventers and valves if above ground.
  • Finally, do not forget to insulate your outside hose bibs.

Spend those long winter nights making a plan to save water and money next year. Check out the new sprinkler system videos to get you started.



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