Belle Place, Margaret, Owasso and Sutter Infrastructure Improvements

  • Project typeWater and Wastewater Improvements
  • Project value$461,202
Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

Water and sanitary sewer main improvements, and street paving, will be done in a project area bound by Calmont Avenue to the south, Byers Avenue to the north, Margaret Street to the east and Belle Place to the west.

The affected streets include:

  • Belle Place from Linden Avenue to Collinwood Avenue (water and paving);
  • Margaret Street from Byers Avenue to Collinwood Avenue (water, sewer and paving);
  • Owasso Street from Byers Avenue to Calmont Avenue (sewer and paving);
  • Sutter Street from Byers Avenue to Pershing Avenue (sewer and paving);
  • Alley between Linden  Avenue and Collinwood Avenue from Margaret Street to 1,860 feet west (sewer);
  • Alley between Collinwood Avenue and El Campo Avenue from  Belle Place to Montgomery Street (sewer).

This project is in Council District 7 and impacts the Arlington Heights neighborhood association and Westside Alliance.


Margaret Street at Collinwood Avenue, Fort Worth 76107  View Map

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