Greater Northside Area Infrastructure Improvements

  • Project typeWater and Wastewater Improvements
  • Project value$465,579.00
Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

Water and sanitary sewer main improvements will be constructed in the Greater Northside area. After the water and sewer improvements are finished, the roadway will be repaved.

The affected streets include:

  • Belle Avenue from NW 23rd Street to Hanna Avenue (water/paving);
  • Ellis Avenue from NW 37th Street to NW 38th Street (water/paving);
  • Lincoln Avenue from Grand Avenue to Central Avenue (water/paving);
  • NW 23rd Street from Belle Avenue to Dodge Avenue (water/paving);
  • NW 25th Street from Hanna Avenue to West Long Avenue (water, sewer and paving);
  • NW 26th Street from Lydon Avenue to Macie Avenue (paving);
  • Clinton Avenue from NW 14th Street to NW 20th Street (water and paving);
  • North Houston Street from West Northside Drive to West Central Avenue (water and paving);
  • Dodge Street from NW 23rd Street to NW 24th Street (water, stormwater and paving);
  • Alley between Ellis Avenue and North Main Street from NW 37th Street to NW 38th Street (sewer);
  • Alley between 22nd Street and 23rd Street from Belle Avenue to 950 feet northwest (sewer).

This project is in Council District 2.

This is a joint project with Transportation and Public Works. 


NW 25th Street at Hanna Avenue, Fort Worth 76164  View Map

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