New York, Main, Morningside, Capps, Page and Alley Infrastructure

  • Project typeWater and Wastewater Improvements
  • Project value$2,012,676
Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

Existing water and sanitary sewer mains will be replaced in an area bound by East Arlington Avenue to the north, New York Avenue to the east, West Cantey Street to the south and College Avenue to the west.

 The impacted area includes the following streets and easements. 

Council District 11
  • West Capps Street from Hemphill Street to 312 feet west of South Jennings Avenue (sewer)
  • West Morningside Drive from 161 feet east of South Jennings Avenue to St. Louis Avenue (sewer)
  • West Morningside Drive from May Street to 105 feet west of St. Louis Avenue (water)
  • Alley between South Jennings Avenue and May Street from West Capps Street to 154 feet north of West Cantey Street (sewer)
  • South Main Street from 152 feet south of West Ramsey Avenue to the traffic circle (sewer)
  • Alley between Hemphill Street and South Jennings Avenue from 93 feet south of West Mulkey Street to West Capps Street (sewer)
  • Alley between East Arlington Avenue and East Davis Avenue from Epps Avenue to I-35 (sewer)
  • Alley between East Jessamine Street and Atlanta Street from Epps Avenue to I-35 (sewer)
  • Alley between East Morningside Drive and Ramsey Avenue from 57 feet east of Stuart Drive to 43 feet west of Jones Street (sewer)


Council District 8
  • I-35W from 130 feet north of East Mulkey Street to East Jessamine Street (water and sewer)
  • Alley between Marion Avenue and Ramsey Avenue from I-35W to 82 feet west of Evans Avenue (sewer)
  • Alley between Marion Avenue and East Mulkey Street from 48 feet east of Evans Avenue to 486 feet west of New York Avenue (sewer)
  • New York Avenue from 150 feet south of Marion Avenue to 123 feet north of East Robert Street (sewer)

Council District 9
  • Alley between College Avenue and Alston Avenue from Hawthorne Avenue to Lilac Street (sewer)
  • Alley between Lipscomb Street and Hemphill Street from West Jessamine Street to 615 feet northeast of West Capps Street (sewer)


Council District 9 and Council District 11

Page Street from 180 feet east of Lipscomb Street to 354 feet west of South Jennings Avenue (sewer)


Construction will impact the Morningside and United Communities neighborhood associations as well as South Hemphill Heights, Fairmount and Ryan Place neighborhood associations. 

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