North Side and Stockyards Area Infrastructure Improvements

  • Project typeWater and Wastewater Improvements
  • Project value$486,570.00
Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

Sanitary sewer mains and water mains will be replaced in an area bound by NW 25th Street to the north, North Grove Street to the east, Jacksboro Highway to the south and Grand Avenue to the west.

Landmarks include the Stockyards Station, Saunders Park,  M.G Ellis Primary School, Marine Park, Northside Park,  J.P. Elder Middle School and Maddox Park. 

The impacted area includes:

  • Prairie Avenue from NW 20th Street to NW 23rd Street (water and sewer);
  • NW 22nd Street from Prairie Avenue to Loving Avenue (water);
  • Grand Avenue from NW 19th  Street to 423 feet northeast (water and sewer);
  • Ross Avenue from NW 24th Street to NW 25th Street (water and sewer);
  • North Commerce Street from NE 20th Street to NE 21st Street (water and sewer);
  • NE 21st Street from North Grove Street to 200 feet west (water and sewer); 
  • North Grove Street from NE 21st Street to 80 feet south (water);
  • Easement between Highland Avenue and Belmont Avenue from NW 18th Street to 450 feet northwest (sewer);
  • NW 20th Street from Ellis Avenue to the dead end (sewer);
  • Alley between Homan Avenue and Harrington Avenue from 19th Street to 820 feet southeast (sewer);
  • Alley between Harrington Avenue and Lagonda Avenue from 80 feet southeast of Park Street to 220 feet southeast (sewer);
  • Alley between Chestnut Avenue and Pearl Avenue from NW 23rd Street to NW 24th Street (sewer);
  • Alley between Lee Avenue and Ross Avenue from NW 23rd Street to NW 24th Street (sewer);
  • Alley between Lee Avenue and Ross Avenue from NW 25th Street to 365 feet south (sewer);
  • Alley between Clinton Avenue and North Houston Street from NW 23rd Street to 530 feet north (sewer);
  • Alley between North Houston Street and Ellis Avenue from West Exchange Avenue to 440 feet south (sewer);
  • Alley between North Commerce  Street and North Calhoun Street from NE 22nd Street to 400 feet south (sewer);
  • Alley south of NW 20th Street from NE 20th Street to 50 feet southwest (sewer). 

The streets that have water and/or sewer replacement will be paved with asphalt. 

Approximately 4,200 liner feet of cast iron water pipe will be removed and replaced as part of this capital improvement project.

This project is in Council District 2. Customers in the North Side neighborhood association and the Inter-District 2 Alliance will be impacted.   

**When Fort Worth Water hosted a community design meeting for this project, the project name was Grand, Commerce, Prairie, 20th, 21st, 22nd and 25th Infrastructure. The summary/FAQs and the community video from that August 11, 2021 design meeting are under the Related Information tab in the right sidebar.**


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