TCU Area Lead Replacement and Infrastructure Improvements

  • Project typeWater & Wastewater Improvements
  • Project value$1,984,391
Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

Water and sewer lines will be rehabilitated on streets and in alleys in the TCU and Bluebonnet Circle area. City-owned lead service lines will also be removed.

Water and sewer lines will also be replaced on Chedlea Avenue in the Wedgwood area. 

The affected streets include:

  • Merida Avenue from McPherson Avenue to West Cantey Street (water)
  • Lubbock Avenue from McPherson to West Cantey (water & sewer)
  • McPherson from Lubbock Avenue to Sandage Avenue (water)
  • West Bowie Street from Merida to Sandage (water) 
  • Wabash Avenue from Park Hill Drive to West Cantey (water) 
  • Rogers Avenue from Benbrook Boulevard to West Biddison Street (water)
  • Lamesa Place from Benbrook Boulevard to Rogers Avenue (water & sewer)
  • Chedlea Avenue from Kingswood Drive to Wallingford Drive (water & sewer)
  • Alley between Princeton Street and West Cantey from Greene Avenue to Parmer Avenue (sewer)
  • Alley between Merida and Sandage from West Cantey to McPherson (sewer)

This capital improvement project is in Council District 9 and Council District 6. 

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McPherson Avenue, Lubbock Avenue, Merida Avenue, Wabash Avenue, Lamesa Place, Rogers Avenue and Chedlea Avenue, Fort Worth, Fort Worth   View Map

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