General Litigation


The General Litigation Section’s primary responsibility is to defend the City of Fort Worth and its employees in personal injury lawsuits, but the section also handles significant litigation other than personal injury cases, such as water-main ruptures and sewage spills. The section also reviews claims that have been filed with the city but have not been filed as lawsuits. The attorneys investigate and recommend dispositions for those claims

This section also provides representation to employees subpoenaed to testify by deposition in cases in which the city is not a party; provides advice to risk management in the handling of complex claims; investigates and makes recommendations on death claims made against the city; provides advice, assistance, and the filing of suit if necessary, to collect money owed to the city for property damage and workers’ compensation benefits paid to city employees; and pursues collection of accounts, including hotel-motel taxes, referred by other city departments.

This Section is responsible for acquiring property by eminent domain for public projects, if such an action is required.  The Section also defends the City in zoning and other land-use matters and claims or lawsuits filed under the ADA and FHA.

Section Chief:

Christopher Mosley