City Attorney's Office

The City Attorney’s Office provides transactional and advisory services as general counsel, and provides litigation services to the twelfth largest city in the nation, handling the bulk of lawsuits in-house.

The City Attorney’s Office does not provide legal advice to members of the public. In accordance with the Fort Worth city charter, the city attorney serves as chief legal advisor to the city council, city manager and all city departments, offices, agencies, boards and commissions. The city attorney and the assistant city attorneys represent the city in all legal proceedings as well as draft and approve ordinances, documents, contracts and legal instruments before the city council takes action.

The office also is responsible for representing the city in judicial and administrative hearings and prosecuting misdemeanor violations of ordinances and state statute Class C misdemeanors. The office is divided into two divisions – the Litigation Division and the Transactional Division – each of which is divided into sections based on areas of practice.

Department Leadership


Leann D. Guzman

City Attorney

Leann Guzman has been with the Fort Worth City Attorney’s Office since March 2004. Leann began her career with the City in the Prosecutor’s Office. In June 2005, she moved into the Transactional Division and, since that time, has given advice to city council, city boards and commissions and city staff on a variety of issues. Leann was promoted to Section Chief of the Real Estate & City Facilities Section in 2013, where she supervised 13 attorneys who were responsible for a wide range of matters including affordable housing developments, aviation, construction, and real estate matters.


City Attorney


City Attorney

Leann Guzman

Leann Guzman has been employed with the City Attorney’s Office since 2004 and appointed as City Attorney on May 10, 2022.

Division Chief:

Laetitia Brown, Deputy City Attorney

Employment & Human Resources

The attorneys in the Employment & Human Resources Section represent all city departments and office management and the City of Fort Worth in legal matters arising out of employment disputes. Read more »

Public Safety

The Public Safety Section serves as general legal counsel to the Fort Worth Police Department and the Fort Worth Fire Department. Read more »

General Litigation

The Litigation & Code Compliance Section defends the City of Fort Worth and its employees in personal injury lawsuits and handles significant litigation, such as water-main ruptures and sewage spills. Read more »

Division Chief: 

Melinda Ramos, Deputy City Attorney

Real Estate & City Finance

Responsible for all city legal work regarding real estate and land use, primarily serving the Housing & Economic Development Department, the Transportation & Public Works Department, and the Planning & Development Department. Read More »

Land Use & Regulatory Compliance

The Land Use & Regulatory Compliance Section is responsible for regulations governing the use of land in the city; use of grant funds from state and federal agencies, enforcement of code and matters pertaining to the city’s water and stormwater utilities. Read More »

General Services

 Attorneys in this section are responsible for drafting and reviewing ordinances, administrative regulations and policies administered by client departments. The section negotiates and drafts city contracts, licensing agreements, certain leases and develop all necessary legal documents for professional services. Read More »

The Cities of Dallas and Fort Worth jointly own the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport; consequently, both cities’ attorney’s offices provide legal representation to the Board.

The DFW Airport Board Legal Department provides counsel on federal regulatory matters, legal relationships with user airlines, commercial real estate, environmental law, procurement and construction contracting, ground transportation regulation, labor law and compliance with the Contract and Agreement and applicable bond covenants. Two assistant city attorneys from Fort Worth are assigned to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.