MyH2O Program


MyH2O is a Fort Worth water utility program designed to improve customer engagement through advanced technology.

The technology is allowing utilities, like Fort Worth, to better inform customers about their daily water use. Wireless networks that include digital-read-meters, a communications network and data management systems, will provide customers information and opportunities to monitor and reduce their water usage.

Likewise, the utility will improve operational efficiencies in ways that benefit everyone. As the program advances here, more services and features will be added.



Virtual Open House

We’ve recorded an open house presentation to our customers of our experts talking about the new meters and how they work, as well as a quick demonstration of the benefits and all you will be able to do on the customer portal. The portal is still a few months away from rollout, but we’ve wanted to give you a sneak peek. Enjoy some conservation tips that you can start putting to work for you. Enjoy the video.



What can I do with MyH2O?

MyH2O will give customers:

  • Access to data reflecting their previous day's water usage in hourly increments
  • The ability to set alerts and notifications about usage
  • The ability to detect continuous water flow, in case of a possible leak
  • An upgraded payment system
  • Digital access to the city's water conservation program


Timeline for MyH2O rollout

Meter installation began in 2019 and is being done by billing cycles. Residents will be notified prior to installation. MyH2O will be phased across the city and is expected to be completed by Fall 2022. Two billing cycles are completed and work is in progress in four other cycles. Click here to view a map illustrating the progress.(PDF, 3MB) (Note: The PDF does not always display correctly in the Microsoft Edge browser. For this reason an image of the map is provided below.)

 Nov10 update

MyH2O and advanced water meters

The City of Fort Worth is transforming the services and operations of its water utility with the installation of an advanced metering infrastructure system, or AMI, through a program called MyH2O.

In the next couple of years, all 272,000 residential and commercial water meters in the water system will be digital-read meters, equipped with a radio transmission unit for remote reading. Encrypted data from the meter is securely sent by a wireless network to the utility to create a bill.

The program is not about the meter, rather the technologies and associated benefits.

MyH20 focuses on enhanced customer communication, leak detection and conservation.

Once registered in the portal, customers will have the tools to better manage their spending. Customers can:

  • set a dollar amount they don’t want their bill to go over and receive an alert if they’re close to that amount.
  • choose to receive alerts when water hasn't stopped running for some time, indicating a possible leak, or if there’s other unusual high usage trends.
  • view the previous day’s consumption on an hourly basis. When coupled with consumption history data, customers will have the tools to better understand and make decisions about how and when they use water.

Customers will find it easy to pay their bills on the portal and find conservation tips and programs.

The customer portal is being developed and is not yet available. You will receive information in the mail and in your water bill when it is.

MyH2O will reduce the utility’s operating costs, as well. By analyzing usage and other data, the utility can improve water distribution plans and identify potential infrastructure problems long before they turn into costly and disruptive repairs.

MyH2O is being phased-in over three years, with the installations being done by billing cycles. Billing cycle numbers are found on your water bill near the upper left-hand corner.

Customers can keep an eye on this web page for the installation progress and portal availability. Also, watch for notices on our Facebook page -- Fort Worth Water, on Twitter at @FWWater, in City News and in neighborhood newsletters.

Fort Worth began installing the new meters in new developments and as replacements in 2016. Those meters, more than 27,500, are added to the wireless network for remote reading when crews are installing the other meters in that billing cycle. 


Preparing for the new meter

There’s is no action on your part needed for the new meters. However, there are some things you need to know about the process. Foremost, please be aware when work crews are on your street. The work is done in two trips. Notifications will go out regarding when contractors are working in your neighborhood.

Contractors do not need to enter your home on either visit.

Preparing the meter box

The first visit is to clean debris out of the meter box. Meter lids will be removed, taken to a nearby site and have a hole cut in them before being put back in place. The hole will be capped until workers return to exchange the current meter with the new meter with a radio transmitter unit. That could range from a few days to about a month’s time. 

There is no interruption of water service during this work

 Meter exchange

When crews return to switch out the meter, workers will knock on your door to let you know they are there. If you’re using the water at that moment, it’s OK if you need a few minutes to finish up what you’re doing.

Generally, residential meter exchanges will occur from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. At commercial properties, which include multi-family communities, the meter exchanges occur from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday.

Workers will flush the water line of air pockets once the new meter is in place. If they’re unable to do so, instructions will be left with you to run your faucets inside your home.

At that point, the radios will be active. Please do not tamper with the wires.

Water service is interrupted for about 20 to 30 minutes during the meter replacement only. 

Identifying contractors

Crews will be wearing a bright yellow and orange safety vest with an Aqua Metric logo and Authorized Water Utility Contractors emblazoned on the back. Workers will also be wearing company issued photo identification badges. They will be driving Aqua Metric-decaled trucks.

Aqua Metric uniform frontAqua Metric uniform back


Meters installations are done by billing cycles. with all customers having the advanced meters by the end of December 2022.

Please contact our 24-hour customer service line at 817-392-4477 or email if you have questions or concerns about the new meters, the installation process or the contractors.


What is MyH2O?

My H2O is a City of Fort Worth program that brings advanced technology to the water utility and its customers. Fort Worth is embracing these new tools for their efficiencies and business innovations.

The program involves installing water meters equipped with a digital-read display. The meter lids are outfitted with a radio transmission unit, which sends water usage data via a secure fixed wireless network to the utility.

How will this benefit me?

Customers will be able to better understand and manage their water use to control their water costs. Through MyH2O, customers can receive alerts when continuous flow is measured, indicating a possible leak, one of the most common causes for a high bill.

Why is my water meter being replaced?

Water utilities routinely replace meters because over time they lose their accuracy in measuring the water going through it, or it has completely stopped working.

Fort Worth is constantly looking for ways to improve its water operations and engage more with its customers, and feels this is the right program to do that. The data will help guide the utility in finding other cost-saving improvements.

Who will get these meters?

Every water customer will get the new meters. The city currently has about 272,000 residential and commercial meters.

Can I opt-out of the program?

There is no opt-out option for the new meters. Water meters are owned by the utility.

How are the new meters read?

The meters are read by a radio signal sent from the meter box and delivered through a secure wireless network. It is a cost-effective solution for the utility and eliminates the need for reading water meters manually.

When will MyH2O come to my neighborhood? Image shows where to find cycle and route info on the water bill

The program began in northeast Fort Worth in mid-2019, and the installations are occurring by billing cycle. View the deployment progress map(PDF, 3MB) to see the status in your area. The image to the right shows the location of your cycle and route information on your water bill. (Note: The map does not always display correctly in the Microsoft Edge browser.)

What do I need to do to prepare?

You will be notified by mail when the switch is about to take place. The work takes 20 to 30 minutes and your water will be interrupted during this time. If crews notice you are using your water when it’s your turn, they will skip your house and return later in the day, or another day. Don’t worry if you’re not home. A tag will be left on your door letting you know the work has been completed.

Will the new meters cause my water bill to increase?

Whenever a new meter is installed, there's a chance your bill may increase. Older meters in particular may not be performing accurately. This new meter will precisely capture all of your water consumption.

Have any of these new meters been installed?

Yes, more than 27,500 meters have been installed since mid-2016, primarily at new construction sites or as replacements for meters that were not working properly. These meters are not yet equipped with the radio transmission unit, but will be when the other meters in that billing cycle are replaced. Until then, they will continue to be read manually.

Who will install my meter?

Fort Worth has contracted with Aqua Metric to install the meters. Aqua Metric has subcontractors cleaning out meter boxes, preparing the meter lids for the radio unit, installing the meters and connecting and activating the radio.

Is my privacy safe?

Yes. MyH2O has the most secure technology available. Water use data is sent through a secure frequency. No personal information can be collected by the water meter.

The radio frequency is weaker than a cordless phone and will not interfere with other electronic devices in your home or business. It will not interfere with your data network. In fact, AMI meters transmit for less than one minute a day.

Am I being charged for the meter?

No, the meter is a utility cost. You are not being billed for the new meter.

What's happening to the old meters?

The meters are being recycled.

Who do I call if I have questions, concerns or notice a problem?

For any reason, please contact the Water Department at or by calling 817-392-4477.