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General Election Information(PDF, 20KB)

May 7, 2022 Bond & Charter Election

2022 Special Election

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Denton County

Election Results: Denton County, TX Election Results

Early Voting Reports: Denton County, TX Elections

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Tarrant County


2022 Notices

2022 Election Ordinances

Ordinance Ordering Issuance of Ad Valorem Tax Supported Public Securities for the 2022 General Obligation Debt Program

25326-02-2022 - English(PDF, 7MB)

Bond Voter Information Document- English(PDF, 316KB)

(PDF, 7MB)25326-02-2022 - Spanish(PDF, 5MB)

Bond Voter Information Document - Spanish(PDF, 319KB)

25326-02-2022 - Vietnamese(PDF, 6MB)

Bond Voter Information Document - Vietnamese(PDF, 432KB)

Ordinance Ordering Special Election for City Council District 4

25327-02-2022 - English(PDF, 4MB)
25327-02-2022 - Spanish(PDF, 4MB)
25327-02-2022 - Vietnamese(PDF, 5MB)

Ordinance Ordering Special Election for Adoption or Rejection, 13 Proposed Amendments to Existing Charter of the City of Fort Worth

25328-02-2022 - English(PDF, 7MB)

Charter Voter Information Document - English(PDF, 250KB)

25328-02-2022 - Spanish(PDF, 7MB)

Charter Voter Information Document - Spanish(PDF, 255KB)

25328-02-2022 - Vietnamese(PDF, 7MB)

Charter Voter Information Document - Vietnamese(PDF, 437KB)

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