Property Management

The Property Management Department (PMD) consists of four divisions including Facilities Management, Fleet Services, General Services, and Real Estate.


Facilities Management

The Facilities Management Division is responsible for planning, development, utilization and maintenance of the majority of City facilities. This includes but is not limited to architectural and construction management services Citywide.

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Facilities Management Site

Fleet Services

The Fleet Services Division is charged with maintaining the City’s fleet and is budgeted and accounted for in the Equipment Services Fund.

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Fleet Services Site

General Services

The General Services Division has five sections including Financial & Administrative Services, Utility Administration, IT Services, Contract Compliance Management, & Fleet Fuel Management. 

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General Services Site

Real Estate

The Real Estate Division has five sections including, Real Property, Tax Foreclosed Property, Lease Administration, Mineral Management, and Lake Worth Lease Management. 

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Real Estate Site



Department Leadership

Marilyn Marvin

Marilyn Marvin

Interim Director

Marilyn Marvin has an extensive career in management and systems operations in the public and private sectors with a foundation in finance and information technology. Recently, Marvin served as the Interim Library Director following seven and half years as the Library’s Assistant Director of Systemwide Services. Marvin previously served the City of Fort Worth as a Senior Manager in Information Technology and Interim Assistant Director in Neighborhood Services departments.

Well versed in municipal operations and interdepartmental projects with a history of building strong teams, she will serve as Interim Director of Property Management beginning January 2024.