General Services

The General Services Division has five sections including Financial & Administrative Services, Utility Administration, IT Services, Contract Compliance Management, and Fuel Services. The function of each section includes:


  1. The Administrative Services Section oversees fiscal and administrative responsibilities, including administration, budget, human resources, payroll, revenue, asset management and purchasing. In addition, the Fleet Administration monitors fleet assets and provides, reporting, billing, registrations, and tolls.  Also, responsible for budget creation and forecasting
  2. The Utility Administration Section manages the City's conservation initiatives, negotiates and oversees the City’s franchise agreements with utility companies that utilize City rights-of-way and addresses issues with non-franchised utilities that utilize the City’s rights-of-way. For more information, visit: Utility Section Website
  3. The IT Services Section supports each divisions' business services within PMD through managing all IT-related projects such as FASTER WEB, VueWorks, SharePoint, various GIS applications, City Map and Property Acquisition viewers, capital project management solutions, etc. For more information, visit: IT Services Section Website
  4. The Contract Compliance Section administers janitorial and other related services contracts (Law Service, Pest Control, Solid Waste/Recycling, Restroom Deodorization, etc.) for General Fund facilities as well as the Fleet Services Division contractual services.  This section also provides asset purchase, fleet asset monitoring, asset disposition, and auction services for City fleet assets.

  5. The Fuel Services Section provides fueling and lubrication to support vehicle functions and needs across the City of Fort Worth organization. Fuel Services Oversees 55 total fuel related sites, which includes 93 AST’s anchored by 5 large multi fuel sites. Full propane alternative infrastructure and fueling.