P25 Radio Systems

The City of Fort Worth's P25 radio system policies and procedures provide an operational framework with the objective of achieving optimal functionality, performance, process efficiency as well as protecting mission critical communications and network security by governance through best practices.

All subscribers, entities and users on the City of Fort Worth P25 radio system, including internal and external, console and radio-only customers as well as users on systems connected to Master Switch only, are encouraged to comply with the policies and procedures. Failure to comply could result in degradation of service. All policies and procedures are subject to change without notice.

Subscriber Administration

ITS-RADIO-001: P25 Talkgroup ID & Alias Naming(PDF, 183KB)
The objective of this policy is to establish a standardized Talkgroup and Individual ID allocation plan including alias naming convention for entities communicating on the City of Fort Worth P25 Radio System.

ITS-RADIO-001: Appendix A(PDF, 129KB)

ITS-RADIO-002: Subscriber Asset Management(PDF, 2MB)
This procedure ensures all subscriber radio equipment allowed access to communicate on the City of Fort Worth P25 radio system is correctly documented and tracked in the MCM Asset Management database.

ITS-RADIO-003A: Subscriber Activation(PDF, 297KB)
The objective of this policy is to define the procedure to activate new subscribers on the City of Fort Worth P25 Radio System, including encryption capabilities.

ITS-RADIO-003B: Subscriber Repair Shop Service Plan(PDF, 218KB)
This procedure outlines the Subscriber Repair Service Plan for the City of Fort Worth P25 Radio System.

ITS-RADIO-003C: Subscriber Spare Management Plan(PDF, 179KB)
This policy outlines the City of Fort Worth P25 Subscriber Spare Management Plan including storage and inventory, security procedures, encryption as well as activation, redeployment and decommissioning of spare radios and parts.

ITS-RADIO-005: Subscriber Template Programming(PDF, 199KB)
These Guidelines address subscriber template management, configuration and programming to ensure optimum performance, uninterrupted communications and maximum interoperability of the City of Fort Worth P25 radio system and its end users.

ITS-RADIO-006: Lost or Stolen Radio(PDF, 262KB)
This policy establishes a process for appropriately reporting, documenting, tracking, disabling and reactivating subscriber radios that are lost or compromised.

ITS-RADIO-020: WAVE Subscriber & Naming Policy(PDF, 163KB)
This procedure establishes a standard naming plan for subscribers of the WAVE system.

System Management

ITS-RADIO-009: System Access For External Agencies(PDF, 213KB)
This policy establishes system management access and describes the capabilities that may be accessible to external agencies that use the City of Fort Worth P25 radio network.

ITS-RADIO-010: System Management Consoles External Agencies(PDF, 189KB)
This policy establishes system management access and specific capabilities accessible to external agencies with console infrastructure.

ITS-RADIO-011: System Management Subscriber External Agencies(PDF, 154KB)
This policy establishes system management access and specific capabilities accessible to external agencies with subscribers that operate on the City of Fort Worth P25 radio network.

Network Security

ITS-RADIO-007: Security Policy for External Customers(PDF, 280KB)
This security policy outlines the requirements for external agencies to gain access to the City of Fort Worth radio system and specifies the equipment, configuration and operating procedures necessary to connect to the network.

ITS-RADIO-008: Network Security OS Patches and Upgrades(PDF, 208KB)
This policy outlines network security maintenance requirements for external agencies that connect to the City of Fort Worth network for primary radio communications.


ITS-RADIO-012: Failure & Fallback Operating Procedures(PDF, 220KB)
This policy defines standard operating procedures during failure and fallback modes including specific response protocol.

ITS-RADIO-013: Interoperability Policies and Procedures(PDF, 178KB)
Published interoperability policies and procedures are necessary to preserve the continuity of mission critical communications during system failures, regional disasters and events that require interagency coordination and upgrades or maintenance of the CFW P25 radio network.

ITS-RADIO-015: Chronic Issue Resolution(PDF, 292KB)
This policy establishes standard operating procedures to efficiently and effectively identify, manage, communicate and resolve chronic issues on the CFW P25 radio network.

ITS-RADIO-016: Root Cause Analysis(PDF, 281KB)
Root cause analysis is applicable to the Chronic Issue Resolution protocol established in ITS-RADIO-015.

ITS-RADIO-18: Signal Boosters(PDF, 219KB)
This policy applies to the use of signal boosters also referred to as bidirectional amplifiers or signal amplifiers.

ITS-RADIO-19: Maintenance-Incident Notification(PDF, 200KB)
Stakeholders should be notified in a consistent and timely manner when planned or unplanned incidents could potentially disrupt services.


Agency Radio ID and Access Request Form(PDF, 1MB)
This form is used to request public safety agency access to the P25 Overlay Interoperability System. Reference Policy ITS-RADIO-001.

Asset Management MCM Update Request(PDF, 381KB)
This form is used to request updates to asset management MCM. Reference Policy ITS-RADIO-002.

Radio Systems Service Request Form
This form is used to request City of Fort Worth radio services to asset management MCM.

Radio Services Peer Review Sign-off Sheet(DOC, 75KB)
This form is used for peer review sign-off and requires signatures approving templates for mass programming. Reference Policy ITS-RADIO-005.

Critical Care Weekly Status Template(PDF, 105KB)
Reference Policy ITS-RADIO-015.