The purpose of a water reclamation facility is to take the wastewater created by each of us and make it safe for people and the environment. The discharge standards for the cleaned water are protective of public health, aquatic life, and the environment.

Fort Worth operates one resource recovery facility – the Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility.

It processes wastewater for most of Fort Worth, as well as 23 other communities. Wastewater in far north Fort Worth is treated by the Trinity River Authority’s Denton Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. Wastewater for the far northeastern Fort Worth (Centerport area) is treated by TRA’s Central Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Wastewater treatment is a biological process using aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. The processes at the Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility are the same purification methods used in nature—settling, filtration and biological activity. Plant design and operation allow the processes to take place in a much smaller space and in a shorter time frame.

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