Official City of Fort Worth Logo

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The most prominent identifying mark of the City of Fort Worth is its Molly the cow logo, which was adopted by the City Council as the official city logo on July 18, 2000.  

In January 2002, the city entered into an agreement with the University of Texas System further describing Molly’s use and appearance. In August 2003, the city manager issued a revised administrative regulation on the use of Molly the Cow (A.R.D-4). The city logo is easily recognizable, and is a valuable asset in communicating with the public.

The logo helps residents identify personnel, property, printed materials and other forms of communication as originating from the official channels of the City of Fort Worth. The logo also reflects our city’s Western heritage and promotes a sense of unity and community pride.


Although Molly is in fact a cow, a longhorn head sculpture in the Stockyard’s National Historic District’s Livestock Exchange Building is said to be the origin of the name “Molly.” The word is also said to identify the first longhorn in a herd.

Aside from being the logo for the City of Fort Worth, Molly is the city’s official mascot that can be seen or referred to in other areas of Fort Worth such as Molly the Trolley.

Use of Logo

The city logo is registered with the federal copyright office.

Due to its registered trademark, no variations of the logo are permitted. No employee, vendor or user is allowed to redraw, PhotoShop, typeset or otherwise electronically alter the logo in any way.

Logo specifications

• The city logo appears on all materials produced by the City of Fort Worth.

• The city logo may be used in conjunction with events and programs that the city is sponsoring or co-sponsoring. The logo may not be used at events that are merely held on city property, or that are produced by outside organizations that are designed to benefit the city.

• If the city logo is displayed with other logos (for example, if the city is one of several event sponsors), then the city logo should be larger and more prominent than the rest of the logos if the program or event being sponsored is organized by the City of Fort Worth. If the event or program is being organized by a partner or outside organization, then the City of Fort Worth logo may be displayed the same size as the other supporting logos.


The City of Fort Worth logo cannot be used by an individual or organization without the expressed written consent of the Communications & Public Engagement Office.